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Hair Transplant Without Shaving 2023

Again and again, Hair Transplant Without Shaving is advertised: less noticeable, less stress for the scalp, immediately socially acceptable again without restrictions. But is that true? Is a Hair Transplant Without Shaving possible and recommended?

If you really value a high-quality and long-term good result, you should always have a hair transplant performed with a shaving of the donor and recipient area. This is more hygienic, less likely to lead to infections, goes faster, and allows an optimal quality of the grafts.

Many people who are affected by hair loss are often faced with the question of whether a hair transplant is possible Hair Transplant Without Shaving. The complete balding of the head deter many patients from the procedure.

In the initial discussions, therefore, the question often arises as to whether a hair transplant is possible Hair Transplant Without Shaving. Are there any methods that can be used without shaving? What requirements must be met for this?

In the following, we present why shaving is more useful, where to shave and how you can best conceal the hair transplant.

The most important things at a glance

  • For hygienic reasons, for better growth rates, and due to significantly better working conditions, parts of the head are shaved before a hair transplant.
  • Hair Transplant Without Shaving, the grafts can be injured or inserted unevenly.
  • Due to the frequent desire of customers, some providers offer hair transplantation without shaving. This should better conceal the fresh transplant.
  • Reputable providers do not advertise hair transplantation without shaving, because it does not achieve the optimal result for the client.
  • Only in very few cases does a transplant work without shaving. However, it carries many risks and usually negatively affects the result.
  • Instead of giving up shaving, it is better to choose other ways of laminating.
  • Provide comprehensive information about the experience and seriousness of the provider and do not let yourself be lured by particularly favorable offers.

Hair transplantation without shaving: is it possible?

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular with those affected by hair loss. But very few people want their fellow human beings to know about the procedure. Therefore, many patients hope that hair transplantation can be performed Hair Transplant Without Shaving.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving is possible if only small areas are to be filled. The procedure is more time-consuming than one with a completely shaved donor area. Therefore, a maximum of 1000 grafts can be transplanted. An alternative is hair transplantation with partial shaving.

Thanks to modern methods, it is possible to completely dispense with shaving in the reception area, as well as in the removal area!

The hair is only cut short and removed with a special instrument.

The implantation also works simply, because the hair grafts are inserted between the existing hairs. So the shave is completely gone!

After the hair is carefully and millimeter-accurate reinstalled, they begin to grow normally next to the already existing and healthy hair.

So, already within a few days you will feel a significant difference and admire your “new” hair. Thus, a Hair Transplant Without Shaving is possible.

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Hair Transplant Without Shaving
Hair Transplant Without Shaving

However, the procedure can only take place in this form if a maximum of 1,000 grafts are transplanted. For example, a hair transplant can take place Hair Transplant Without Shaving when filling up receding hairline corners.

If you have the entire head treated, you can’t avoid shaving the main hair. Otherwise, the intervention will not be successful.

When choosing your hair transplant clinic, do not be completely guided by the price, but also find out in detail which clinic provides the best quality and thus the best result.

You should rather be willing to pay a reasonable price to be treated by a really experienced expert and thus benefit from it in the long term. Especially in the case of a Hair Transplant Without Shaving, it is important to come back to an experienced clinician with a very good reputation, as this procedure requires a lot of care and patience.

Why is it necessary to shave hair during a hair transplant?

By Hair Transplant Without Shaving during the hair transplant, your doctor can see exactly how many grafts he can remove without affecting the hair density. In addition, he can better and faster see in which direction the hair grows, so he can achieve a natural result when planting. This is especially important for the natural hairline.

Also, short grafts are easier to handle than long ones. So the grafts can be implemented much faster. In this way, larger areas can be covered with hair in a shorter time.

With which technique is hair transplant possible without shaving?

The most modern form of graft extraction is follicular unit extraction. And the best form of injection is direct hair implantation. Both can sometimes be done with Hair Transplant Without Shaving.

FUE method without shaving

Hair Transplant Without Shaving is only possible with the FUE technique. Here, the individual hair follicles in the donor area are taken and transplanted with tweezers to the bald spot.

DHI method without shaving

The DHI method is also possible for a Hair Transplant Without Shaving. However, the procedure is even longer due to the direct hair injection method. The hair is slightly shortened with special scissors and then inserted with the Implanter pen. Here, too, a maximum of 2500 grafts can be transplanted.

Partial shaving – a good compromise for hair transplantation without shaving

If slightly larger bald spots need to be covered, a partial shave can be performed. Only the donor areas are shaved here. As long as the number of grafts do not exceed 2500, the top coat covers the shaved areas. Especially in patients with long hair, such a hair transplant is hardly noticeable.

With a partial shave, Geiheimrat corners can be filled, the hairline can be modeled and the vertex can be compacted.

When is a complete shave of the main hair necessary?

However, if the hair loss is already more advanced, it is also necessary to shave the entire head in order to achieve the most natural result possible. In this way, the required amount of grafts can be removed without the density of the donor area suffering. In addition, the hair can be planted at the right angle only on shaved hair.

After a few weeks, the hair starts to grow and at the latest, after 6 months the hair has grown back in its new fullness.

Aftercare After A Hair Transplant
Aftercare After A Hair Transplant

How does a hair transplant work without shaving?

Due to further development of the FUE technique, the so-called DHI sapphire, it is possible to have a Hair Transplant Without Shaving. Before the removal of the individual hair follicles, the hair is shortened with scissors. After local anesthesia of the scalp, the hair follicles are removed one by one from the donor area behind the ears with a semi-open cylindrical needle (diameter 0.7 mm) and inserted in the recipient area with a special DHI Saphir implanter.

In the DHI Saphir hair transplant, your doctor pays special attention to the direction of growth and density of the transplanted hair in order to achieve the most natural result possible. Since a Hair Transplant Without Shaving is much more complex than a hair transplant with shaving, fewer grafts can be transplanted on one day of surgery.

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Hair Transplant Without Shaving is possible only if small areas are to be replenished. If the entire head is to be treated, you also have to shave the head completely. Only in this way is the necessary condition created to perform a precise operation.

There are several methods for transplanting hair. The most effective and most commonly used method today is the FUE technique. Instead of taking large parts from the scalp, the FUE technique involves taking individual hair follicles from a healthy part of the head. The so-called grafts are removed with a hollow needle and immediately after removal are used with millimeter precision where they are to grow in the future.

Since no skin strips are transplanted with the FUE technique, but only many tiny hair follicles, there are clear advantages for the patient: the treatment is much gentler and the scalp is much less stressed. The needles used in the method pierce the skin and produce only very small injuries that heal very quickly.

Both the treatment and the recovery period are absolutely almost painless for the patient. Since there are hardly any scars to be afraid of, you can soon look forward to naturally growing thick hair. The inserted hair follicles continue to grow in their new environment as usual and fill the previously bald spots with their own hair.

The application of the FUE method for hair transplantation is more time-consuming than other methods but also records absolutely convincing natural results. The transplanted hair roots are precisely inserted and provide dense and natural hair after just a few weeks.

What conditions are necessary for a hair transplant without shaving?

Hair Transplant Without Shaving is only possible if small bald spots, i.e. the so-called receding hairline corners, are to be filled up again. However, if the entire main hair is affected by hair loss and is to be treated, the head must also be shaved. Only a small number of grafts can be converted during the procedure. Only with the necessary conditions is a precise execution of the operation guaranteed.

As a rule, hair transplantation proceeds without serious complications. Immediately after the procedure, redness, swelling, and sensory disturbances usually occur in the extraction areas, but these disappear after a few days. Even small incrustations on the scalp usually go back by themselves. After ten to 14 days of regular washing with ph-neutral shampoo, they should already be gone. In exceptional cases, the grafts do not grow properly to the scalp. Especially with infections, there is an increased “rejection risk”.

As a precaution, doctors recommend refraining from heavy physical exertion, sauna sessions, chemically contaminated care products, and intense sun exposure in the first two weeks after the transplant.

Advantages of hair transplant without shaving

The biggest advantage of Hair Transplant Without Shaving is that the existing hairs are only slightly shortened. The entire head is not completely shaved off. Since fewer grafts are removed with shaving than with other hair transplants, faster wound healing takes place. The risk of injury is greatly reduced. The Unshaven hair transplant puts less strain on the scalp. The longer hairs in the vicinity of the donor and recipient area completely cover the transplant site.

The procedure is also no longer visible immediately after the procedure. Already a few days after the procedure, a positive change can be noticed. After a few months, the final result, a full head of hair, is achieved. The treatment performed by your doctor under local anesthesia is absolutely stress-free. Pain does not occur.

What to consider – hair transplantation without shaving

Due to the complex procedure, fewer hair follicles can be transplanted during a procedure by your doctor, max. 1000 Grafts. Only the filling of small bald spots or receding hairline corners is possible. Dense transplantation of hair follicles is not feasible. Due to the high time required, Hair Transplant Without Shaving is associated with higher costs.

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If the hair is too thick and wiry, or if the scalp is too soft or hardened by inflammation and scars, the hair follicles may not be completely removed. In this case, only fewer grafts can be transplanted. As a result, the final result of the hair transplant may be slightly worse than hair transplants with a full shave. Therefore, the procedure should be performed only by surgeons with great experience, such as your doctor.

When is hair transplantation possible without shaving?

A hair transplant without a complete shave of the scalp hair is possible if small areas have to be filled up. For example, a scar can be hidden Hair Transplant Without Shaving. When filling up receding hairline corners, partial shaving must then already be carried out.

It should also be borne in mind that a Hair Transplant Without Shaving takes much longer, which is why the cost can also increase.

A treatment without shaving is more gentle for the scalp!

Since the scalp is exposed to less stress during this treatment, this procedure is also much gentler for them. The needle pricks often produce only small injuries, which also heal very quickly. Thus, there are no scars to worry about later and everything runs completely pain-free for you.

Thus, you can not only look forward to healthy, thick hair but also to a completely painless and stress-free treatment. Just be aware that a Hair Transplant Without Shaving takes a little more time, but is convinced by an absolutely natural result!

Conclusion: A hair transplant without shaving is possible – under certain circumstances

Hair Transplant Without Shaving is possible, but only if you want to have a smaller area treated or have the receding hairline filled up. The maximum number here is 1,000 grafts.

For more complex procedures, in which the entire head must be treated, a Hair Transplant Without Shaving is not possible. In order to achieve a perfect result, the specialists must shave both the donor and recipient areas.

Whether you are eligible for a Hair Transplant Without Shaving, you will find out after an individual hair analysis. Based on the result, you will find out how many grafts you need and which method leads to a perfect end result for you.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving information. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this subject with us. Be sure to do more research and consult your doctor about your health issues.

Can you have a hair transplant without shaving your hair?

While most hair transplants require at least the donor area (typically the back and sides of the scalp) to be shaved, FUE procedures are performed without shaving the recipient area to ensure absolute discretion.

Can you have an FUE hair transplant without shaving your head?

You can have heard that it is necessary to shave your head before performing this procedure, but now it is possible to perform the operation with little to no shaving using a no-shave technique.

What is a No-Shave Hair Transplant?

With no-shave FUE, the surgeon only needs to cut off the donor follicle hair that he wants to transplant. The trimmed donor follicles are therefore hidden and fit into the surrounding full hair, resulting in a completely normal appearance of the donor area after the operation.

Is it better to shave your head for a hair transplant?

A shaved head allows the team to position the FUE instrument correctly over each hair to ensure that it is removed without damaging it. Without shaving, it is impossible to correctly position the instrument without increasing the number of grafts that could be damaged.

How much does no Shave FUE cost?

An FUE hair transplant costs between $4,000 and $15,000 per session. A multi-session procedure can cost up to $50,000 or more.

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