Haircut Trends Fall 2022 Winter 2023

Haircut trends Fall 2022-Winter 2023: see the hottest haircuts you can do now to refresh your style

Autumn has fully unfolded and after the short escapes and the return to everyday life, renewal comes to the fore. After all, the holidays are on the way and a new look with fresh air will be the request for a large number of women. If you want to move around beauty trends, today we have the best suggestions to put under your microscope.

However, before making a big change you should ask yourself a few things. First of all, if the particular haircut suits your hair type and how much care and styling it requires on a daily basis. Then you should ask the hair stylist when you should renew it and if you can really commit to so much care.

See below, the hottest trends in haircuts for the Fall 2022-Winter 2023 season and choose the one that suits you.

#1. Butterfly layers

Layers in the hair are a trend that we have been seeing non-stop for the last two years in many versions, with big or small variations. “Butterfly” levels that start quite high are the freshest trend to adopt now.

#2. The Bixie

Neither a pixie, nor a frame, this in-between haircut style gives an incredible type. It suits both split and straight hair. If your hair is thin with a texturizing spray it will get texture and stand better.

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#3. The Rachel 2.0

Emblematic personalities of the artistic establishment, they are an inspiration for hairstylists. One of them is the character of Rachel in the well-known series Friends. Her characteristic haircut with soft layers and subtle, subtle, caramel highlights have gone down in history. In 2022, the haircut becomes more shaggy and gets longer.

#4. Bombshell hair

Another personality of the 90s influences the trends of the season and you surely understood that it is Pamela Anderson. After Pamela’s updo, her signature cut with long sideburns, volume on top and layers in the front, is the iconic style we’re starting to spot more and more.

#5. See-through bangs

Transparent subtleties and few naïveties, is the trend in naïveties you should know. After the curtain bangs that went away, this is the trend that brings them back to the fore.

#6. Curly shag with naiveties

The ultimate haircut for those with curly hair.

#7. Super short blunt bob

The straight very short frame gives volume and style. If you have very thin hair with little volume, this haircut will highlight your hair.

#8. Textured long shot

Classic and chic, you can’t go wrong with this haircut. This year it’s hotter than ever.

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