Halloween, beware of accidents and allergies

Halloween, trick or treat? The most monstrous party of the year is becoming the most loved and awaited by children all over the world. America included, where it is even supplanting the Carnival.

Even our children look forward to the night of October 31st to be able to disguise themselves in the scariest way possible and let off steam, for an evening without limitations, with sweets and candies. Be careful, however, because it is precisely in disguises and sweets that they can hide risks and small potential accidents. So that the party does not become macabre in all respects, here are some precautions to observe.

Halloween, pay attention to the costumes and the dark

I costumes they must not be excessively long and with aftermath, to prevent the child from stumbling and falling. They must not tangle and fold, but above all they must not be flammable. And if on the evening of “trick or treat” there are walks to knock on the doors of neighbors and perhaps crossings of poorly lit streets, it is better to put clearly visible jackets or maybe stripes that improve the visibility of the wearer. And then, always give the children a cell phone, so that they can be quickly found and possibly recoverable in case of problems or difficulties. These are just some of the tips that come from the specialists of American Academy of Pediatricsrelaunched on the occasion of the party that is increasingly affecting the little ones and, consequently, warning mothers.

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Halloween, danger of allergies: beware of masks and sweets

Regarding the compounds that can come into contact with “sensitive” skin, some time ago a recall came from the scholars ofAmerican College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, expressly dedicated to all children who suffer from allergies and in particular from asma bronchial. For the latter, in fact, the recommendation of the experts is avoid masks, especially if they can block breathing and then turn into traps if they obstruct the passage of air. But be careful: the greatest danger is related to the confectionery which are offered, in very good faith, to the little ones.

In this case, attention must be paid to the food allergy, more and more widespread. In Italy, patients suffering from food allergies between the ages of 0 and 18 total about 570,000, of which 270,000 between 0 and 5 and 180,000 between 10 and 18. The risks are mainly related to allergens present in the candies or sweets used for the classic “trick or treat”: in particular, attention must be paid to nuts and nuts, with risks also linked to peanuts and sesame. Pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, should not create particular problems, because they do not represent a particularly widespread allergen in our parts. Obviously as long as they are not “crossed” with other seeds during the intake.

Halloween, allergy risk: watch out for make-up, mites, latex and nickel

Among the warnings of the experts, attention is focused in particular on the risk that i tricks used to make the baby’s face really “scary” can trigger an allergic type reaction. For this reason, the indication that it comes from overseas is of tESTING first the possible infantile “make-up” on a flap of skin (the arm is fine), to see that there is no redness, itching or other discomfort that may somehow suggest dermatitis. In addition to this, attention should be paid to the possible presence of acari of dust, or even moldsin rented clothes or wigs.

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It should also be remembered that the potential risks for allergy sufferers are also hidden in completely “unsuspected” elements, such as lattice or in any case some types of rubber that can be present in masks or costumes, as well as in balloons or decorative objects. Finally, do not underestimate the presence of the nickel. This form of allergy is one of the most widespread and the substance is not found only in costume jewelery or other metal tools that can be useful for “dressing up” and frightening. There are in fact nickel allergies that can develop even after ingestion of particular foods, for example derivatives of persimmon, which are particularly rich in the substance.

In short: even behind the “trick” you can hide a “trick” for health that you would do without. But prevention helps mom and dad not to take risks. Make sure that the little ones do not consume “unknown” candies that do not report information on the preparation and ingredients. Parents should offer children only safe and hypoallergenic sweets.

Word of experts fromAmerican College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

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