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Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement 2022 NEW

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, Receding hairline or a bare spot at the back of the head: many men are stressed when their hair becomes lighter. If you want to actively counteract, you should start as early as possible.

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, Some people still have full hair at over 50, for some others, it clears noticeably already at the beginning of 20. Hair growth on a man’s head depends, first of all, on predisposition. “The genetic code is decisive,” says Uwe Schwichtenberg, a specialist in dermatology and allergology from Bremen.

If a bald spot forms at the back of the head or the hair around the forehead becomes thinner and thinner and receding hairline corners are revealed, this is called plant-related hair loss, says Schwichtenberg. Many men may be interested in whether and when they run out of hair in which places.

“Patients then often want to know whether we can read what to expect in their systems,” says the dermatologist. But that was not possible. It is not medically possible to predict who suffers from hair loss in which form.

View of the ancestral gallery

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, One clue can be given by looking at the ancestors: what did it look like with my father and grandfather? First of all, a great role in the inheritance of plant-related hair loss is attributed to the maternal grandfather. “The more unambiguous the picture is, the more unambiguously I can infer what is coming to me,” Schwichtenberg assigns. Although one does not necessarily have to fall into despair if only bald skulls adorn the ancestral gallery.

“The genes combine and it does not always come to the expression of this system,” explains Andreas Finner, a specialist in dermatology and hair surgery from Berlin.

Early detection can provide clues

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement
Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, But if you are worried because of the family history, from Finner’s point of view, early detection in the hair consultation is recommended. The hair is examined very closely there – early indications of hair loss can also be detected.

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“Normally there are three strong hairs per pore, but in some cases, only one or two are visible in early detection – this may already be a sign,“ explains Finner. This is often not yet visible in the mirror. As soon as clear hair loss can be seen with the naked eye, a lot has already happened unnoticed.

“In this situation, of course, the treatment is more difficult,” says Finner. “The sooner you realize it, the better.“ In most cases, preventive treatment with the externally applicable agent minoxidil is then started.

Do not underestimate psychological stress

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, In some men, hair loss begins before the age of twenty, and in others only later, and some are completely spared. “The frequency is difficult to determine,” says Finner.

It is estimated, he explains, that at the age of 25, about one in four has visible hair loss, at the age of 50, it is more than half. Of course, this also depends on what is defined as visible hair loss. Regardless of this, everyone affected deals with it differently.

While one takes it easy, the other suffers massively – one should not underestimate the influence of hair loss on the psyche. “A lot of men, especially at a young age, the hair loss is very stressful, but they often don’t talk about it,” says Finner. Sometimes the partners or friends could not understand the problem and trivialize it instead.

Finner advises taking the emotional burden of hair loss in men seriously. “Some of my patients still suffer years later from a comment made in a funny tone about their increasing baldness.“

Countermeasures with medication?

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement
Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, If you want to do something about hair loss, you can rely on means for external use, for example, just hair tonic with minoxidil. According to the Stiftung Warentest, their chances of success are best if the hair loss does not last long.

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Another option is finasteride. According to the experts, its effectiveness has been proven, but there may be side effects. Finner says: “One in 50 patients may experience problems during sex, chest and testicular pain in one in 200 patients.“ Depression or lack of sleep can also occur as a result of ingestion.

Finasteride, in contrast to hair solutions and foams containing minoxidil, must be prescribed by a doctor. Minoxidil products are dispensable. Minoxidil can also cause side effects – these include skin irritation, but also rapid heartbeat and chest tightness, as the Stiftung Warentest explains.

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, In case of doubt, it is always better to seek medical advice before taking it. If you have high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, you should definitely consult a doctor beforehand, according to the product testers. For the treatment of hereditary hair loss, many dermatologists also offer autologous blood therapy (PRP).

Concentrated platelets are injected from the patient’s own blood, explains Andreas Finner. The platelets were free of blood circulation and growth factors, similar to wound healing. According to his assessment, PRP therapy can complement a treatment, but cannot replace the permanent intake of medication.

Lost hair does not come back

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement, One point that men should always keep in mind: “With therapy, you can only preserve what is still there,” says Uwe Schwichtenberg. “You don’t get lost hair back.“ In addition, the remedies do not work for everyone. Nevertheless, if you decide to try it once, you should start as early as possible – and then stick to it. Because you have to expect that hair loss will start again to a large extent after discontinuing the medication.

Schwichtenberg estimates that it takes about a year after that for it to look in the head the way it would have looked even without any therapy. “Unfortunately, there is no parallel shift,” says Schwichtenberg and explains what happens in the body when the therapy ends: he then returns to his “program”. This means: “He checks how many hairs per square centimeter are on the head and compares this with how many should actually be there- and then he cleans up.“

Hair transplant

A more permanent, but at the same time more complex way to fuller head hair is hair transplantation. But in order for it to be considered, various conditions must be met.

On the one hand, there must be really visible gaps or bald spots, explains dermatologist and hair surgeon Andreas Finner. On the other hand, there would have to be sufficient donor hair on the back of the head. “You shouldn’t transplant them all at once,” says Finner. There should be a reserve in case you want to transplant more hair at a later time.

In general, the amount of donor hair on the back of the head is limited. Only own hair can be used, donated foreign hair roots would be repelled, as Finner explains. In exceptional cases, beard hair or body hair is also used for compaction.

Hereditary Hair Loss: Bald Heads With Announcement

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