Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house: The mistakes in home decoration! In home decoration there are mistakes that make the house uncomfortable and unfortunately most of us have made them. So in today’s article we have gathered these mistakes that are made in terms of home decoration and make our home uncomfortable.

We certainly pay a lot of attention to home decoration. The decoration that we have inside and outside, is able to make our home look less or more welcoming. It also reveals a lot about our personality and taste.

So we have collected for you the 12 mistakes we make in its decoration home us. Mistakes that make our home uncomfortable and impractical. Read below

Uncomfortable home: We choose electrical appliances for the home without first measuring the dimensions!

At some point you will need to buy a new electrical appliance for your home. You want the electrical appliance to be practical and of course modern to match the decor of the rest of the room. And while you pay attention to these features, almost no one pays attention to the dimensions of the electrical device.

But its dimensions should be the first thing that concerns us. So, before we decide on the electrical device to buy, we should measure the dimensions of the place where we want to place it.

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This way we will find an electrical device that matches the specific dimensions and we will be sure that we will not be surprised with an electrical device that is too small or too large for the specific point.

At home we only have one light source!

Many homes do not have interior lights. The area of ​​their house is lit only by the lights that each house has on the ceiling. But this is wrong. Most of the time the space is not lit enough which makes the rooms look smaller.

So choose indoor lights to show the true size of your home. Also, it is important to choose lights in soft white shades because yellow lights or LEDs are tiring for the eyes and for your psychology.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

You buy all the furniture at the same time from the same store!

The truth is that when we renovate we can’t wait to finish it and see the final result. But haste often leads us to preliminary work. If you buy all the furniture from the same store, it is very likely that you will choose the wrong furniture.

According to the decorators, the right decoration is to first buy your basic furniture. The rest must be purchased gradually, after market research. This way you will definitely have the furniture that really suits you and you will not make impulsive moves that you will regret some time later.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house: You buy a lot of room decorations!

Certainly the room decorations are needed since they give the house a modern note. Also, with your favorite room decorations, you also give your home your personal touch. However, many of us overdo it with room decorations.

We fill the walls with frames, the tables with flowers, vases and everything else you can imagine. From one point on our house looks too busy and loses its refinement. It’s impossible for all these decorations to match each other, so it’s also bad taste.

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Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

uncomfortable house: You buy raised beds for the kids!

Not a few parents choose raised beds for their children. They don’t do it with bad intentions, they just think it’s just a bed and don’t pay much attention to its height. But the children’s bed should be level with the ground.

In this way the child will be able to lay down and pick up more easily. He won’t need you when sometimes in the middle of the night he wakes up and wants to go to the bathroom. Because even if the child gets down, don’t forget that he is a child and often even the simplest things scare him.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable home: You are buying the wrong furniture for your kitchen!

And the issue of dimensions comes up again in our discussion, but this time it concerns furniture. Everyone looks at the appearance of the furniture almost no one thinks to count the dots the dimensions. And this can make your kitchen very uncomfortable.

Because this new hood that is the latest in technology and really looks like a piece of art is wonderful. But what to do when you bump your head every time you go to cook and make a sudden movement over the pot?

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house: The kitchen furniture is not the right height!

This in some cases is not in our power to change, because we live in a rented house or we do not have the money to renovate our kitchen. But if you’re getting ready to move into your own home and want to do everything right, listen to this too.

The kitchen furniture – we mean the cabinets and its counter – should be at the right height for your height. In this way, you will be able to cook or clean comfortably, without causing a problem to your waist.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid 1

Uncomfortable home: Use kitchen tools according to your taste and not according to their practicality!

The proper organization of the kitchen is as follows. Each utensil should be in the place that is most convenient for you when you cook.

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For example, if during cooking you need the hand towel and that towel is on the other side of the counter, then this will definitely make you spend time and energy for no reason.

Kitchen utensils should therefore be near you when you cook. And of course, each utensil should be further inside or outside the cupboards, depending on how often you use it. Keep your frequently used pots out and low for easy access.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house: The kitchen tiles are too dark or have many patterns!

Light shades suit the kitchen. So if you want your psychology to be good while you cook, choose light colored tiles. It is also very important that the tiles match the colors of your countertop.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house: Cupboards are not big enough!

Practical kitchen cabinets are those cabinets that touch the ceiling. That way all that space doesn’t go to waste. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning your cabinets every three or so when they get dusty on top.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house : You haven’t made sure your bathroom is safe!

Now you are in the prime of your life and probably don’t need these protective measures. However, if you want to stay in this house forever, you should install more handles so that the bathroom is usable even after you get old.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

Uncomfortable house : You don’t pay attention to the bathroom pipe!

There’s a major underlying issue that could turn into a disaster: Where do your pipes go? Your toilet should be no more than 6 meters from the ground pipe to allow for proper drainage. Showers, bathrooms and sinks must be no more than 4 meters apart.

Home decorating mistakes you should avoid

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