How do I know if I’m in love? The signals

Being in love or not is one of the most recurring doubts and asking for advice is always difficult because anyone would answer that they are things that are immediately felt. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone, so it is necessary to understand it in order to make the necessary decisions. How do you know if you are in love or simply attracted?

How to know if I’m in love?

There are many signs that confirm that ours is love and it is not easy to identify them. But between love and infatuation there are absolutely glaring signs. Let’s find out some of them!

Infatuation is that intense psychic, physical and emotional attraction that generally occurs in the early stages of the encounter between two people. The characteristics of infatuation are euphoria, excitement and the need to be with the person in question, the anxiety of feeling or knowing that they are distant and the desire to have new experiences together.

An infatuated person desires the other very much and feels so involved that sometimes they lose their rationality, clarity and sense of responsibility, not being able to easily manage their feelings.

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What does it mean to be in love?

Falling in love is something that presupposes quite deep feelings. It is about complicity, trust, loyalty, sincerity, compromise and the desire to be with that person anytime, no matter how difficult it is at times.

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When falling in love, various hormones and neurotransmitters come into play, which help to define the state of consciousness of the lover in the early stages, characterized by impulsiveness, strong emotions, extreme happiness in spending time with each other.

Loving without conditions is something that takes time and willpower. Building a healthy relationship isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. If you want, anything is possible.

Is loving the same as being infatuated?

Obviously they are two steps that have nothing to do with each other. Having overcome the initial overwhelming passion, we must learn to love the defects of the other, be open to listening to the other and determined to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Security and the desire to be together are intertwined, and it is different from the beginning where everything seems perfect. Lasting couples are those in which, despite the weather, one still fits in without doubts or uncertainties. Listening, understanding and loving each other are the keys.

I’m in love?

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself the right questions to understand it. Sometimes questioning is good, it gives us answers that we didn’t even know we had. Here are all the questions you should ask yourself if you have any doubts:

  1. What emotions arise in the company of the partner? How does it feel?
  2. Do you fall in love often? Do you feel this love is unique? And why?
  3. Do you feel that you are growing, experiencing new things, expanding your boundaries?
  4. Do you want to introduce your partner to family and friends? Would it give you satisfaction that it is “approved” by your loved ones?
  5. Do you feel that his successes are yours too and are you excited about celebrating them?
  6. Do you miss it when you spend time apart?
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Based on the answers you have given to yourself, you will be able to understand a lot about your feelings.

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