How good does being in love really do us?

Love: One word, a thousand meanings and a thousand feelings to overwhelm us! The period when in short we have “bitten the sheet metal” and maybe the mind and heart are working overtime and again do not have time to process all that they want! A storm of emotions that are most often mixed. Sometimes with the butterflies dancing in crazy rhythms and us trying to keep up, sometimes with an incomprehensible throbbing in the stomach that doesn’t let us put a bite in our mouth, sometimes with that permanent smile, which comes out so naturally to us, without being able to to check it and with the mind traveling to other places and thoughts. And sometimes again with a nervousness and an anxiety about how this “syndrome” from which we suffer will develop!

This is how I would describe the period when the “struck in love syndrome” he has found us for good! Of course, just the fact that love has knocked on our door, this makes us feel good and somehow magically changes, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, our everyday life. Although love has been associated, according to psychology, more with the world of fantasy and less with reality, the feelings it produces are just as real as those we feel when we love someone.

Like the feeling of love, so too the feeling of love is a set of chemical processes. In other words, your body is the one that will be the first to feel the spark of love and will respond accordingly. A little bit of red-hot adrenaline that makes the heart race, a little bit of dopamine that gives us the feeling of excitement – and maybe sometimes makes us talk a little more than we should -, our body officially welcomes love !

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Since, it seems, everything is based on chemical compounds, which, for better or worse, you cannot change, you cannot easily escape from what is destined to happen, whether it is good or bad. So, because love is not always mutual, this over time can turn out to be fatal, as addiction to this feeling and to this particular person will make it difficult for you to overcome this situation. And we all pretty much know what it’s like to have to accept that what you felt was one sided and so you should forget about it and move on with your life.

In any case, tasting the feeling of love is a special experience, which, regardless of how it will develop, is worth experiencing. It’s worth taking the risk and giving yourself the chance to feel those beautiful feelings, even if you end up getting hurt. It will be another life lesson that you will definitely remember!

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