How Much Does Your Man Like You?

In this quiz you can find out how much your man likes you. Is he crazy about you, or maybe your relationship has become routinized and he has you out of habit.

Take the quiz below to find out the absolute truth. But before you take the quiz, it’s good to see some signs that show how much your man likes you.

Signs of how much your man likes you

1. When he talks to you he looks you in the eye

He talks to you and all he does is look you in the eyes. This is very important that he looks you in the eyes and not someone else.

This also means that he is telling you the truth and that you only exist at that moment. When a man looks at another while talking to his partner it is not a good sign.

He can also lie and not look into the eyes out of remorse. Whereas when he looks you in the eyes it is a sign that he is real and honest towards you. So your man really likes you and melts for you.

2. He often tells you he loves you

He tells you every day that he loves you and wants you. Usually men don’t say the word I love you easily. So you are very lucky that he tells you every day and of course he shows you with his actions. This means he truly loves you and cares for you.

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3. He wants to hug and kiss you all the time

Every hour and moment he wants to hug and kiss you. He wants to feel you close to him with his arms and feel you.

He also wants you to hug him often. He wants the same from you (caresses, hugs). He’s cute and cuddly with you. He gives you a lot of shit.

4. He supports you when you face a difficult situation

When you are concerned about something and you cannot find a solution to the problem on your own, he helps you and tries to find a solution.

He shows interest in what concerns you and wants to support you and be with you. He wants to help you in every way so that you too feel better psychologically and physically.

5. Together in difficult times and in easy times

He wants you to be together in both the difficult and the easy times of life. Life is not only easy but also difficult which can be more.

He wants to be with you and you both want to be together. Hand in hand together to face both the good and the difficult situations of life.

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