How often should you cut your hair? The secrets to making them grow strong

Hair goes out from time to time popped if you want to keep them healthy and full-bodied up to the tips, but how often should they be cut? Have you ever had the impression that your hair grew faster at certain times?

So here are some tips to enhance your look, simply giving it a cut!

How long does the hair grow?

Hair growth depends on several variables: age, ethnicity, how it is treated and your lifestyle.

A healthy hair of a European person it grows on average by 1 cm per month, a little faster than that of an Asian person, a little less than an African. In fact, genetically, there are ethnic groups that have evident characteristics of greater strength, thickness and shine of the hair than others. Lifestyle and nutrition, part of the culture, are certainly influencing.

Asian people’s hair for example is known to be extremely straight, black and thick, and is mostly worn very long by women. As well as for the Indians and the Philippines. The classic afro hedgehog, on the other hand, has greater dryness, is frizzy and needs nourishment and hydration. Growth will therefore be a little slower and less noticeable.

There are methods to be able to promote healthy hair growthbut beware: there are no “lengthening” products, but ingredients that improve the health of the scalp and hair by extending its life cycle and preventing it from breaking.

The mistake we make very often is to believe that our hair “does not grow”, when in reality it is only a short life cycle that leads to the fall before it reaches a certain length. If the hair is dry, brittle or treated instead it is easier for them to breakdestroying months of work in a short time.

You should always consider your hair type as well: not all of us are born with the same potential. A fine and dry hair will find it more difficult to build a long thick hair, while fatter and thicker hair is generally more resistant and full-bodied.

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How often to cut your hair

So here we see how to try to keep your hair as good as possible. One of the tips that are heard most often is that of cut them periodically.

In fact, regular trimming of the hair not only allows us to eliminate those annoying fraying that inevitably are created towards the end of the lengths and that make them look less healthy and bright, but it would seem to fortify them by eliminating the thinned part over time. worsens and breaks.

Pay attention to an important detail: the hair is not a living structure, therefore it does not get stronger or thicker with the cut. It simply goes to improve the appearance, preventing it from being damaged until it breaks when and where he wants it, resulting in a frizzy and brittle-looking head. Furthermore, going to the hairdresser regularly allows us to hear the opinion of an expert on the general health of your hair and scalp, so as to avoid or treat any anomalies in time.

The ideal would be go to the salon every 2/3 months for a trim, a couple of times a year are enough to maintain a long, layered or straight cut that you want to grow. Ask your hairdresser to shorten your hair by just one centimeter at a time, if you show up regularly it will be the only part that you will need to “remove” to revive the hair and make it flowing again. The less you go there the more likely you will have to cut them a lot to bring them back to their natural beauty and, according to what explained above, it is not certain that going to the hairdresser rarely grows more hair.

When to cut hair, according to the moon

There is a lunar hair calendarwhich indicates when, according to the phases of the moon, it is the best time to give a trim.

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It is based precisely on the various phases of the Moon, which influence the growth of animals and plants: when it is growing, it allows plants to develop upwards, when it is waning, it improves the elongation of the roots. In the full moon then, living creatures seem to have more energy, being more vulnerable instead in the new moon. It is therefore thought that cutting hair on this Moon only leads to slowed growth, excellent for those who perhaps want to keep a short cut and instead hope to make it last as long as possible.

You can follow this calendar, which changes every year and which you can easily consult online, if you are unsure when to go to the hairdresser to improve the health of your hair.

Of course you don’t have to think that a treatment carried out on a full moon will cause your hair to grow out of all proportion, they will simply have the strength to recover quickly and, probably, within a few days you will not even notice the trim. It costs nothing to try.

Not just cutting: root care

There are other remedies that you can safely follow even at home and that can help you maintain a healthy scalp and consequently a strong and resistant hair.

  1. Do not use harsh shampoos: choose the correct products based on your hair type and your needs, a product that is too aggressive will take away water and nutrients from the hair and weaken it, while one that is too mild will not guarantee sufficient cleaning, forcing you to wash it more often.
  2. Choose Scalp Protein Serums: At the base of a healthy hair there is an equally strong scalp, treat any abnormalities or disorders such as dandruff, dermatitis or psoriasis with the right products and take care of the skin of the head as you would the rest of the body.
  3. Massage your hair often: the ideal is upside down, rubbing gently with your fingers for a few minutes. This procedure will favor the flow of blood to the surface and restore circulation in that area by “awakening” its natural processes.
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Why is the trim always exaggerated?

I’ll tell you a secret: the hairdresser does not hate you and has no interest in cutting your hair short, except in order to get you out of your salon with the healthiest hair possible. If you go too infrequently it will be more difficult for him to trim his hair very little and still get a good result: probably your tips will be very uneven, dry and broken and an inch is not enough to fix them. The risk is that you have shortened your hair anyway without improving its appearance and you will have to go back to it a few months later. Therefore, it is better to establish a “calendar of trimming” based on your natural growth speed and go to the salon periodically to remove the infamous “finger” from the tips without misunderstandings.

For a curly hair then, excessive trimming could be fatal: curly hair wears out and ruin as much as straight hair and requires the same restoration methods with the difference that, once dry, they will be slightly shorter due to the withdrawal of the curl. Therefore, in this case too, it is essential to always keep an eye on the state of your lengths, perhaps by stretching the locks to check their compactness.

Now that you know how not to end up in tears as soon as you leave the salon, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for a trim before the summer, you will enjoy the heat and sun with shiny and strong hair and you can return in the fall, before starting the cold season.

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