How to clean the cast iron grill?

Even the most sublime dish can leave impossible deposits on the cast iron grill. With this easy natural remedy you will have a clean plate without effort!

The cast iron grill is perfect for homogeneous cooking of food.

Cast iron guarantees high and stable temperatures, it does not release heavy metals or chemicals and keeps the flavor of the dishes.

It is perfect for cooking meat, fish or vegetables in a short time and with very little fat and can be used on all types of cookers: gas, electric, induction and glass ceramic.

It should be heated well over an open flame and before placing the food, it is recommended to pour a drizzle of oilor when it is very hot by distributing it with kitchen paper.

But how many times has it happened to you to cook meat, fish or vegetables on the cast iron plate and have to “fight” against caked residues on the uneven surface of the grill pan?

Lo downside of this very useful cooking tool is that it cannot be washed in the dishwasher and the use of aggressive detergents is not recommended.

Better to cleanse with natural remedies: one of these I recommend it in this article!

How to clean the cast iron grill?

To remove burnt and encrusted food residues that remain on the cast iron grill, you only need coarse salt and water.

  1. The ideal would be to intervene when the plate is still hotbut if you can’t, you can always warm it up.
  2. All you have to do is sprinkle the surface of the hot pan with coarse salt and then let it cool.
  3. Salt absorbs the grease and helps to remove encrustations.
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Use cold plate water only

  1. When the plate is cold, add water and heat again.
  2. Let it cool down again and proceed with normal washing with dish soap.
  3. In the end, dries the surface of the grill pan with some blotting paper: in this way you will avoid dirtying the cloth with any residues.

This is a really effective method and quick to clean the cast iron grill that I personally use every time I use it.

Tips for cleaning and maintenance of the grill

  • Do not drain the fat in excess in the sink as it could clog the pipes. Instead, pour it into the bin while it’s still hot
  • After removing the food residues from the warm plate, sprinkle the surface with some bicarbonate and scrub with one cut potato in the middle
  • The site suggests a method to restore anti-adhesion: apply a thin oil layer on the cast iron and put it in the oven to allow the formation of a feel. Remove excess oil with a paper towel before putting the plate away.

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