How to clean the glass of the wood stove when blackened

Cleaning the glass of the wood or pellet stove is essential for two reasons. There is obviously the aesthetic one. The surface turns black due to combustion, which produces soot and smoke. All this settles and dirties the inside. The other reason is much more practical. Over time, allowing dirt to accumulate can affect the integrity of the seals. Taking care of these aspects prevents greater air entry, which would lead to higher than necessary consumption.

Clean the stove glass

Here are some of the methods you can use to clean the glass of your home stove. Before proceeding, however, it is of fundamental importance to make sure not only that the system is switched off but also a lot the hearth as well as the glass are now cold.

Clean with ash

If it is true that there are specific products for cleaning windows, which can also remove soot, it is undeniable that a net economic saving can be achieved, helping the environment at the same time, opting for natural solutions.

As absurd as it may seem, we can exploit the same ash for this intervention. A handful will do just fine. What we need is the amount of sodium and potassium carbonate contained within it.

It is true that many “grandmother’s remedies” are bogus, but this is not the case. You will only have to arm yourself with a basin, hot water and a soft cloth. We mix the ash in the liquid and moisten the cloth. We will then have to pass it firmly on the glass, rubbing until all remaining residues are removed. Any trace of dirt will disappear easily, especially if cleaning is done regularly. It is completed by rinsing thoroughly and drying.

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Water and ammonia

Another natural solution is the one that involves the combined use of water and ammonia. Also in this case the elements we need are few. Just the usual basin, the two components already mentioned, a soft cloth and a sprayer.

Inside the latter we pour a mixture of water and ammonia (in equal parts). We will have to spray abundantly on the entire internal surface of the glass, and then intervene with a soft cloth and remove all traces of ash.

In the event that cleaning does not take place regularly, we will find ourselves facing slightly more difficult points. The dirt is well attached and a simple wipe of the cloth will not be enough. It is therefore advisable to let the solution act for a few seconds. It is better to place the basin underneath, so as not to dirty the floor with the liquid that will drip.

You can also decide to spray several times and let it act repeatedly, and then act. This is the best solution, even if it requires patience. Let yourself be tempted e intervening with abrasive sponges will damage the glassscratching it.

Dedicated products on the market

Obviously it is possible to buy specific products for cleaning the glass of the stove. At the supermarket you will be spoiled for choice for the removal of soot and tar. Again, however, we recommend leave the mixture to act for a few seconds. In the event that there are real encrustations, however, it will be better to opt for a few minutes of absorption.

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You can then wipe with a soft, dry cloth, removing any halo and residue. What needs to be remembered, however, is thecollateral effect that very strong detergents present. Prolonged use can deteriorate the gasket, which leads to more air entering and an increase in stove consumption.

There are two solutions in this case. The use of this option can be limited to cases of hard-to-remove encrustation, regularly opting for natural products. Alternatively, it is advisable to ask your trusted dealer for information. He will be able to indicate a non-aggressive type.

Because the glass of the stove is blackened

What are the most frequent causes of stove glass blackening? Asking this question is the first step to understand what can be done to protect this surface as much as possible. Let’s start by saying that avoiding the accumulation of soot is obviously impossible. There are no magic formulas, only maintenance.

It is important to know how there are factors that considerably affect the rapid blackening of the glass. If black spots form very quickly, despite regular cleaning, you may find the following benefit advice:

  • Always use quality wood, dry to the right point. In fact, more water vapor is obtained with a fuel with a humidity higher than 20%. Combustion will be less effective than expected, generating more residues;
  • Place the wood horizontally and not with the ends facing the glass. It is precisely from this section that most of the gas escapes;
  • Check that the supply of combustion air is sufficient;
  • Verify that the components are in good condition;
  • Check the flue. A poor draft can cause the smoke to stagnate.
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How to avoid black glass

Cleaning carefully and regularly, using the right natural or specific products on the market, is of fundamental importance for the maintenance of your wood stove. It is possible, however, to facilitate this process by playing in advance.

As mentioned, it is not possible to prevent the glass from blackening. The operation of the stove itself provides for this side effect. You should clean everything after each power up, waiting for everything to cool down completely. It would be a huge waste of time.

What we can do is try to keep the glass clean for as long as possible. The first step is to let yourself be advised by industry experts, opting only for high quality wood. The slight price increase compared to other options is definitely justified. The result will be a fire that burns at its best, which leads to well consumed fumes.

It is also advisable to opt for the latest generation stoves, which boast ventilated ceramic glass. In this way you will have a surface constantly surrounded by a flow of air. This prevents smoke and soot from settling so frequently and abundantly.

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