How to clean the pellet stove glow plug: tips and tricks

The pellet stove is a great ally during the winter season: heating is nothing short of essential for home environments, especially for those who live in places where temperatures drop drastically. However, the cleaning the pellet stove it should not be underestimated: there are many techniques, methods and secrets that can be useful and that certainly facilitate life. But why clean the pellet stove glow plug? We can find more than one reason: not only we actually increase its yieldbut it can also facilitate the ignition of the stovea not insignificant aspect.

It must also be said that the spark plug is in effect a electrical resistor, which, continuously subjected to electrical voltage, allows the pellets to enter the combustion phase and be our best friend in the coldest periods. We see how to carry out a simple maintenance without spending too much money and above all doing it quickly, taking care of pay the utmost attention to safety procedures.

What to check before cleaning the pellet stove glow plug

Who is not pellet stove care and maintenance expert, certainly needs some advice before actually proceeding with the cleaning. For example, there are procedures that may prove useful, such as checking the position of the glow plug e the possible presence of dirt or encrustations. Both can in fact lead to problems and damage to the stove, so much so that it cannot be switched on.

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Why clean the pellet stove glow plug

Cleaning the glow plug is essential to say the least guarantee high performance by the stovebut not only: they can in fact arise different functionality issues over time. And here is the reason why a very healthy cleaning is essential, above all in conjunction with winter. We can say that it is one of them things to do not to postponeMay.

The pellet stove glow plug is a safety device that allows the unit to switch off automatically in the event of an emergency; this mechanism heats up a lot to quickly ignite the pellets e therefore it must be cleaned regularly to function properly.

If it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it may become clogged with dust and debris. In this case, it is necessary learn how to clean the glow plug without damaging it. Cleaning your pellet stove requires only a few simple ones instruments and little secrets to put into action: it doesn’t take long, we have to say it, but it is a gesture not to be postponed. The sooner we clean it, the longer the stove will last, preventing dust from accumulating and affecting the performance of the stove, which is always useful for heating home environments.

How to quickly clean the pellet stove glow plug

If the pellet stove does not produce enough heat, this could be due to one poor cleaning of the glow plug. How can we understand this? Essentially, the resistor lights up thanks to electricity, and this is how the pellets ignite and produce heat, burning inside the stove’s combustion chamber. After checking the position of the glow plug, let’s start the cleaning phase: first of all, make sure that the power supply is disconnected.

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Let’s turn off the automatic switch o we disconnect the plug of the pellet stove (it must be cold before starting the operation): of course this simple action is connected to the type of heater we have, so let’s check the plug or switch before proceeding. All we need is a wire brush, as it can help clean and remove traces of dirt on the surface, which are the most difficult to descale. However, the brush could also be made of brass or copper: these materials are more “delicate” and do not present the same risk of damaging the stove as the iron brush.

However, it should be reiterated that the glow plug is a fundamental gear of the pellet stove: the cleaning process must make use of a few simple rules, and the first concerns attention. We handle the components of our stove with care, and we use specific products.

What you need to clean the pellet stove glow plug

For the cleaning the pellet stove glow plug a couple of are needed gloves clean, a couple of pliersand screwdrivera iron brush, brass o copper it’s a clean paper handkerchief. It is important to wear gloves when maintaining the pellet stove to avoid getting your hands too dirty: the same rule can also be applied to cleaning the glass of the wood stove.

What to do if the pellet stove does not turn on?

If the cleaning is not enough, to be able to restore operation of the pellet stove we can think of replace the glow plug. It can happen: cleaning and maintenance operations may not be sufficient or effective. How to behave at this point? If the stove does not work, we must replace the glow plug.

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First we can buy a new glow plug, but pay attention to the dimensions: they must always correspond to those of the stove. This precaution will allow us to avoid an unnecessary purchase, so we check the model suitable for the stove before going to the store. In any case, fortunately there are also some universal glow plugs for the pellet stove.

Another aspect to consider is the quality of the glow plug: the pellet stove is used continuously, especially in winter. Doing a poor cleaning or buying an inexpensive model means running into problems that can be avoided. The secret is, as always, prevention. The low quality glow plugs are more likely to break.

The secret? Relying on a professional

A little tips: for those who do not feel like cleaning the pellet stove by themselves or for those who need a small support to choose the glow plug (and then replace it), have help from a professional is the best solution. After all, we have anticipated it: maximum attention must be paid both in the routine maintenance process and in the phase of choosing the glow plug. Let’s always take a few more minutes to check that you have everything you need at home to clean the glow plug without stress.

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