How to decorate the Christmas tree on the cheap: low cost ideas

Soon it will be time to think about the Christmas tree. Decorating it is a ritual, a beautiful moment to spend with loved ones in the name of conviviality and family. But every good thing has the opposite side of the coin: buying new balls, threads, lights and punches can be downright expensive. This does not mean giving up a beautiful and somewhat magical tradition. In fact, you can still recreate a splendid festive atmosphere (and perhaps have fun with the little ones) while paying attention to your wallet. Here you are some really brilliant low cost ideas to decorate the Christmas tree spending little.

Low cost Christmas tree, the most original ideas

Your hey Christmas tree it has now reached the end of the line and you are preparing to buy a new one, in the hope that it will accompany you for a long time yet. The choice is really vast, and you will certainly be able to find cheap firs that do not exceed your Christmas budget. What if you want to save a little instead? This year, treat yourself to a truly original Christmas tree, made with recycled materials or with a few accessories to buy – spending significantly less than expected.

For example, you can hang balls from the ceiling with invisible threads, letting them hang at different heights so that they give the effect of a suspended Christmas tree. It is not only a very particular and elegant idea, which goes well with any room in your home, but also very simple to make and certainly cheap. All you need are some Christmas balls: choose colorful ones or even with fun prints, to give a touch of panache. And if you have small children or cats, all you have to do is hang the decorations higher up: your tree will be accident-proof.

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Another original idea is the create a Christmas tree on the wall of your living room: you can use sticks of different sizes to arrange horizontally on the wall, from the longest to the shortest, creating a stylized fir tree, but even a hemp rope or a simple string of lights could be right for you. Then, indulge your imagination to decorate it with balls, stars and any other decoration you already have at home or can create with your own hands, to a really low cost tree It is customized.

Christmas tree, low cost decorations

There are tons of things you can use it for make decorations for the Christmas tree spending little or, in many cases, nothing. Plastic or paper cups can easily turn into bells, cork stoppers become angels, bottle caps can be joined together to create snowmen, smaller boxes turn into gift packages. in short, there are really no limits. Just enough some creativity and any recycled material can become a splendid Christmas decoration.

For the more skilled with crochet or knitting needles, why not try to create stars, trees and balls to hang by hand? You just need a few work tools (which, as true enthusiasts, you will surely already have at home) and a little time to dedicate to making lots of DIY decorations. Not only will they embellish your Christmas tree giving you a magical atmosphere, but they will surely make a great impression on the guests who will come to visit you: the risk is that, for next year, you will find yourself inundated with commissions for original and beautiful decorations.

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If you have children at home, decorate the Christmas tree becomes a real fun mission. This is the right opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create many small Christmas decorations together with the little ones. From super-colored paper stars to balls made with string and glue, there are so many ideas. For example, you can have fun painting some pine cones collected during a foray into the woods and then glue a ribbon to tie them to the fir branches. Or you can prepare cute little animals with decorated corks and some toothpicks to keep them together.

Another nice idea to decorate the Christmas tree with your children is to use old toys now to be thrown away. Small soft toys, toy cars and dolls can become beautiful decorations, once equipped with a colored ribbon to tie them to the branches. If, on the other hand, you are good at cooking, treat yourself to an afternoon of joy with the little ones and prepare a delicious batch of biscuits made with Christmas moulds. You just have to decorate them with colored sugar paste insert some ribbons and hang them on the fir tree.

If you want then add a touch of class to your tree, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can make bows on the top of a few twigs using the ribbons from the gift packages. Some are really very beautiful and, above all, cheap: you can in fact recycle those of the gifts you received last year, doing good for the environment and having an eye for your Christmas budget. In short, we have seen that it is possible to have a beautiful and original Christmas tree too choosing only recycled materials and saving on decorations. Here are some last tips for a great result.

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Christmas tree, how to choose colors

To decorate your tree then, you don’t need new decorations every year. Surely, rummaging in the attic or in the cellar, you will find some old decorations hidden in some box. Don’t see them just as old decorations anymore, but look at them in a new light! Put together all the decorations you already own and sort them by color: on one side all that is red, on one side all that is silver, and so on with the other traditional colors of Christmas, such as blue or gold. But how to choose the color of your tree?

For an elegant and refined result, it is always better not to overdo it: just opt ​​for 2 shades of color to match each other (for example blue and silver, or red and gold if you prefer warm colors). You just have to proceed with the decoration of the fir tree, then using any leftover decorations to bring a touch of Christmas to the other rooms as well. An extra tip: at the end of the holidays, put away the decorations, always dividing them by colour. It will be much easier, the following year, to decide which colors to match and to use only the boxes you need.

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