How to end a toxic relationship!

Wondering how to end one toxic relationship. Unfortunately, it is a very common phenomenon. Such a relationship can burden you psychologically, prevent you from living your life freely, or even worse, endanger your safety. You are often slow to realize that you are in such a situation, or even worse, you have realized it and are in complete denial. This is how you stay in a relationship that offers you nothing. Time passes, the relationship becomes even more toxic and you don’t know how to get out of it.

See the 5 basic steps to permanently leave a toxic relationship.

1. Prepare before you talk to your partner.

You are past the stage where you worry if your decision is right. You know what you want and you have to claim it. So you have to be ready to support yourself. Although the help of someone close to you can be a risky choice, if you have a very trusted friend by your side, express your feelings and talk openly. This conversation will help you identify what you are feeling and prepare for the conversation with the person you have to deal with. Prepare your partner that you want to talk seriously. It is good to acclimate them little by little. Finally, decide where you want to discuss. Make sure it is a place where you feel comfortable and above all safe. You never know what the other person’s reaction might be.

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2. Speak up to your partner.

This is a difficult discussion where not everything can be done mechanically. However, one thing to keep in mind is to be honest. Speak openly and give details about your thoughts. The person opposite you deserves to know what is troubling you in your relationship. Answer the questions that will be asked to you, don’t evade! Listen to the other person’s side and have a proper dialogue. However, be careful not to be influenced by their words. Don’t stray from your goal and find the courage to disagree where appropriate. After all, you are not interested in winning your right, nor in throwing blame. You care about your peace of mind.

3. Cut off and stay away from their influence.

Slowly reduce contacts with the other side. Meet new people, make new friends. Set your boundaries and make it clear that this relationship is now over for you. Prepare for any eventuality. They may not identify with you emotionally and try to force situations. If your ex approaches you with the goal of a reunion, you know very well what to do. Keep the promise you made to yourself (and the other person) for a better life. Besides, people who push situations and wage psychological warfare are exactly what you should avoid. It is very likely that you will need to take much more drastic measures: In case the other person starts to become aggressive and dangerous, do not hesitate to even call the police!

4. She shed the burdens of the relationship.

The sooner you understand that this relationship belongs to pastthe better. To achieve this, you need to express your feelings to a person with whom you feel safe. Talk to your family members or a very close friend. People who will understand you and are willing to even listen to you. You have the right to talk somewhere and take the weight off such a difficult part of your life. This way you will be able to move forward faster. If the support of a person close to you does not cover you, you can turn to a specialist. Your mental health comes first and you don’t want to carry burdens with you in your next relationships.

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5. Take care of yourself.

The definitive end will truly come when you value yourself and your future. Take a trip, find a new hobby, broaden your horizons. Spend quality time with yourself. Go out, meet new people. Make new friends and have fun. And where do you know! Maybe a new relationship will come that will excite you and introduce you to a better side of life!

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