How To Fight Head Lice In Children? 2022 NEW

How To Fight Head Lice In Children? An infestation with lice often frightens parents. The animals are annoying, but not really a drama.

How To Fight Head Lice In Children? Head lice! Oh no! Panic! When parents discover the big crawling on their child’s heads, the excitement is great. How could this happen? Why our child? A head lice infestation is not rare, usually harmless, and can be treated well with a little patience. Pharmacist Heike Überler explains how to get rid of the animals.

How to recognize a head lice infestation?

How To Fight Head Lice In Children? Because of their skin-like color, lice and eggshells (nits) are easy to miss. There are also not always symptoms such as itching. The insects, which are two to three millimeters in size, stay close to the scalp, where they draw tiny amounts of blood and attach their eggs to the hair.

Normal washing does not remove them. The most reliable way to detect lice is by wet combing out: the hair is moistened with conditioner, placed in strands with a regular comb, and each strand is pulled through with a special lice comb with tight prongs – from the scalp to the ends of the hair. After each turn, the comb is stripped out on crepe.

What means are suitable for children?

How To Fight Head Lice In Children? I recommend the products with dimethicone because they suffocate the lice without the use of poison and can already be used in children from six months. Medicines with biocides such as allethrin for children are also approved.

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Some preparations can be prescribed by the doctor, then the health insurance pays for them. It is always important to adhere exactly to the package leaflet. Dimethicone-containing agents should be kept away from ignition sources, in the case of sprays, the aerosol should not be inhaled.

What does the treatment procedure look like?

How To Fight Head Lice In Children? The solution is applied to dry hair. The hair must be completely moistened with it! The prescribed exposure time must be strictly observed. Some remedies are washed out after a short time, others remain in the hair overnight. Very important: a second treatment after nine days. Then you also catch lice that have hatched in the meantime.

Are agents with a very short exposure time effective?

How To Fight Head Lice In Children? Basically yes, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. If you want to be completely sure, stay with a remedy with a longer effect.

How To Fight Head Lice In Children?

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