How to forget the ex? Useful tips

Feelings are extremely complicated and forget the ex it is even more so. Although the relationship did not make us fully happy, sometimes we remain anchored to so many moments, emotions and it is difficult if not impossible to leave everything behind. But it can be done, the important thing is to focus on yourself and move on, occupying the time in the best possible way. By improving the quality of your days, everything will already go smoothly even if it will be difficult.

1. Remember what was wrong with the relationship

There is always a reason why relationships don’t go as expected. Sometimes the reasons are more complex, other times simpler than it seems and that is linked to an underlying character incompatibility. One way to forget the ex is to shed some light on the couple’s problems and what was not making it work. The process will be much faster and smoother.

2. Forget the ex: avoid holding a grudge

Rancor poisons us and it is right to leave it behind. It is the only way to start over after a separation and continue peacefully on your way, without looking back.

3. Forget the ex: get back to your projects

Take back your life with the projects you left in the drawer. One way to forget your ex is to take back yourself.

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4. Focus on the positives

One of the ways to move forward is to focus on the positive aspects of the matter. This will make it easier to manage the breakup.

After the end of a relationship, your self-esteem plummets to levels that go underground, but slowly you have to work to rebuild it. Just remember who you were before the relationship and take back yourself.

5. How to forget the ex: days full of commitments

Do, do, do many things. Never stand still. Cinema, shopping, hairdressing, exhibitions, being with your family, dedicating yourself to sports or manual work. Everything. Don’t say no to anything. Don’t stay home, don’t be alone. The important thing is to do things, not think about him and avoid moments of melancholy, especially on weekends.

6. A look to the future

One of the most frequently asked questions is: what do I do now? Always remember that you had a life before your ex and that there is always a future ahead of you that could be absolutely amazing.

7. Take it out on sports

Sport is an excellent outlet. It does not matter which. Yoga, tennis, crossfit, box… do something that allows you to switch off your brain and clear your mind.

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