How to get rid of mice in the house

Among the unwanted guests in the house, i topi they are certainly the worst, and often there are alarm bells to understand their presence. The remedies to get rid of it quickly they are numerous, from the most classic to the most alternative methods, also to prevent their return. A real nuisance and a risk to our health, here’s how to act.

Because we have to get the mice out of our homes

In our homes, especially if we live in the countryside, on the lower floors or near large green expanses, there may be guests who creep in in search of food. We are talking about topi that, especially in the colder months, finding nothing to eat outside, they try to get closer to the houses. We are not talking about a small problem, mice can create various problems in the structures, leave dirt and bad smells, eat our food and they are healthy carriers of serious diseases. Not only that, they reproduce quickly, so you may find the house invaded in no time: in fact, a female can have from 5 to 10 litters a year, and up to 10 mice per litter.

How to understand that we have mice in the house

It is often difficult to flush them out, they hide in inaccessible placesbut there are alarm bells to tell if we have these animals in the house.

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I wires from our home appliances gnawedil open food and eaten (dangerous even for the ants) even if we did not do it, small black traces of theirs excrement, these are the first signs that we are no longer alone. It’s still small holes on the cardboard boxes of foodfrom pasta to cereals, scratching noises coming from the wallsand an unpleasant one musty smell that stagnates throughout the house. If you feel even some of these signs, it’s time to intervene.

How to avoid the invasion

Cleanliness is the fundamental criterion to keep all unwanted animals away from our home, mice and more. Always make sure not to leave food residues in the furniture or in the corners, always sweep and wash well on the ground. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink, and use sealed aluminum containers for your waste.

If you fear the arrival of mice for open food packages (pasta, biscuits, rusks), choose airtight jars, no envelopes that open easily. If you own a compost bin and suspect rodent intrusion, it’s time to replace it.

We know well then that these animals they creep into the cracks in the walls, and in all the access roads of our homes. Arm yourself with patience and seal them all, and do not neglect a check on the shutter boxes, even from these spaces the unexpected invader can arrive.

Natural remedies to remove them

The most classic methods to remove mice up to the natural ones, the use of some plants whose smell is unpleasant for rodents. There beg peperita it is the most suitable against these animals (as for wasps): in fact, by keeping a plant on your terrace or in the garden, you can be sure that you will not have unwanted guests.

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Those who do not have a green thumb or the right space can resort to peppermint oil: soak cotton balls with this essence, and place them in strategic points of the house. The result is guaranteed. Alternatively, you can opt for eucalyptus essential oil, remembering to replace the wads at least every three weeks.

What about bay leaves, very useful in these circumstances. Place them in cupboards, pantry, kitchen corners and on the windowsill. Mice also don’t like this smell at all.

Another useful plant in this battle is the common rue, a splendid ornamental plant, which can be placed near the openings. Or you can spray a solution based on oil, garlic, pepper and horseradish in the pipes.

The method par excellence? Having a cat in the house, the archenemy of rodents, is a great deterrent: he is a born hunter, and his presence will change every would-be tenant of your home. Not only, the litter box of our four-legged friend, who gives off the smell of ammonia in the urine, immediately makes the mice run away, who realize they are not alone in the house.

Alternative methods against mice

If natural remedies aren’t needed (or aren’t for you), there are countless other ways to fight mice. Let’s start with the sodium bicarbonatewhich drives away these animals, and you just need to sprinkle the house with this substance, without exaggerating, not causing damage to humans and any pets.

The steel wool, placed in front of the holes in the wall, near the doors or even in the pipes, it will not let the rats pass, which will not be able to gnaw it. Then there are the ultrasonic repellent devices, which disorient our enemy, with a very unpleasant noise for their ears, without however harming. The sounds are variable, so they cannot be adapted to them, and they will escape.

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Nobody would like to resort to these remedies, but they are still today (unfortunately) among the most used: we are talking about snap traps and gods poisons (definitely not recommended if you have children and pets). Now the sticky trapswhich we feel we should advise against, because they cause the rat to die from stress or starvation, and can also trap other animals.

The last resort: call an exterminator

There are cases in which none of the above remedies are effective, and we are talking, for example, of abandoned or country houses full of mice, which reproduce continuously and which you will never be able to hunt alone.

In this case it is right to ask for the intervention of a professional: the exterminator will know what to do, it is useless and risky to try to defeat a colony of rodents in the home alone.

Remember, the do it yourself rodent control it is possible only in the simplest cases, such as a couple of specimens, do not hesitate to rely on expert hands in the case of numerous mice, or the previous remedies are not for you, and always do it quickly.

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