How to Improve Your Appearance – 9 Ways

All women want to have a beautiful and nice external appearance and to be charming and attractive. After all, external appearance counts for a lot in the first glance that someone will see you. In this article of our magazine we will tell you 9 super ways to improve your appearance and become irresistible.

How to improve your appearance – 9 Ways

1. Go on a diet to lose extra pounds

If you are overweight, try to go on a diet. Set a goal and say I will lose the extra pounds that bother me. Follow a diet plan to lose extra pounds. If you can’t do it yourself, you can visit a nutritionist who will definitely put you on a program and help you lose the extra pounds. After all, that’s what nutritionists are for.

If you faithfully follow the diet plan and do not cheat, the only thing that is certain is that the extra pounds will be a thing of the past for you. The truth is that it takes effort but in the end you will feel very good and comfortable with yourself. You will get rid of the pounds that are weighing you down and you will feel rejuvenated with your new appearance. Also, excess weight causes low mood, nerves and is certainly not good for health.

2. Exercise to tone your body

Put exercise in your schedule. Try to exercise at least one hour every day. If the job you work is not too far from where you live, it is a good idea to go on foot if the weather conditions allow it, of course. Walk to be in motion and a little. Find free time to exercise. It is not necessary to register at the gym, you can work out on your own. That way you won’t have the membership of the gym.

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You can also get some exercise equipment for the home that is not expensive to exercise at home. Go for a walk with a friend or even by yourself for an hour a day is very good. If you still want to go to the gym, the only thing certain is that it will do you good and not harm. In the gym you will have more options to tighten your body with the various instruments and machines it has.

3. Buy attractive clothes, shoes and accessories

Take a walk in the market and get nice attractive clothes and combine them with the right shoes and accessories. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it has very affordable options in clothes and accessories that are just as nice. Choose clothes according to your body type to flatter you and highlight your best points. If you have a middle ring, choose tight dresses that show off your waist.

If you are not very tall, choose a mini dress. If you are tall again, choose a maxi dress. We give you some examples, you know best what suits your body type. Midi tight dresses are very attractive and at the same time elegant without exaggeration.

Make sure your accessories match the outfit you have chosen. If you have chosen a grande outfit, make sure your accessories don’t make too much of a fuss and your jewelry is more subtle. If your outfit is simpler, you can wear bolder accessories. Choose high sandals, heels, espadrilles that will also give you height. If you still do not want high shoes and they are not very comfortable for you, choose sandals or a pair of sneakers that are also very easy to wear.

4. Go to the hairdresser

In general, take care of your hair yourself. Take care of them with various hair masks and oils. But go to the hairdresser to make a change to your hair so that you feel refreshed with your new haircut or hairstyle. Visiting a hair salon will change your mood and you will feel rejuvenated. You can get a haircut that you like and think suits your face and your style.

You can also go for a haircut, it is not necessary to get a haircut. You don’t have to go anywhere to visit a hair salon. You will do it for you and to lift your mood. You can do a hairstyle (whatever you like) curls, straight, ponytail, braids, etc. Whatever you do to your hair, the only thing certain is that your appearance will change immediately and your mood will skyrocket.

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5. Take care of your nails

Take care of your nails (hands, toes). If you don’t want to go to a nail studio, you can treat them yourself. We will tell you a short and practical way. First shape your nails with a natural nail file. Wipe away any dust with a nail brush. Put some cream on the cuticles and start pushing them up with a stick or nail pusher. Then very carefully cut off the skins that stick out.

Wipe your nails well and apply a base coat, wait a bit for it to dry and apply the color you have chosen twice and finally seal with the top coat, i.e. the nail polish. If you still want to visit a nail studio because you don’t really feel like doing them yourself, you will definitely relax and enjoy the care of your nails (feet, hands). Whatever you choose, your mood will lift and your appearance will change immediately.

6. Take care of your skin (face and body)

Put the care of your face and body in your daily routine. Take care and moisturize your skin daily with facial creams and facial sun protection. Every morning, clean your face with a facial cleanser and then moisturize it with a facial moisturizer. Don’t leave your skin dehydrated.

At night, you can also apply night cream if you deem it necessary. As for moisturizing the body after bathing, don’t forget to apply the body cream or lotion. So your skin will always stay hydrated and glow. If you want it to shine more, you can use creams with a little shine, that is, creams that have glitter and color in them.

7. Choose the right makeup

The right makeup will instantly change your face. Choose the makeup you will do that matches the occasion you want to go to. Just know if you want to put on a bright lipstick you won’t have very bright eyes. And vice versa. You will emphasize an element of your face so that there is a harmony. Let’s say if you start going to work, prefer light makeup.

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You can put on your make up a little blush and lipstick in a nude shade. Basically what you like you might want a little more intense lipstick. For an evening out you can emphasize either eyes or lips and let it be one of the two more intense. After all, it’s evening and you’ll be dressed more formally. Whatever makeup you choose, if you do it the right way, you will definitely be attractive and, of course, beautiful. With makeup, never emphasize two parts of the face at the same time.

8. Don’t copy other women

This is very important. Never try to copy other women. Have your own unique style. Don’t be influenced by social media and by the models who want to project the wrong standards, which most of the time are also photoshop. That is, the photo is not as it is in reality, but it is edited. Have your own style. Whatever you do, do it based on your own style and your own wants.

9. Give a basis to your personality

Pay attention to your personality. You are who you are with this personality. To have personality and opinion in general in life in whatever you do. Don’t be afraid and look forward to whatever you do in your life. And not to be influenced by various situations and change your personality. The personality also comes out from the way you talk and move. It is very important to have a strong and strong personality.

Quick tips

  1. Emphasize your femininity
  2. Speak politely and don’t try to imitate people who swear
  3. Wear clothes that always emphasize your femininity
  4. To walk with grace and elegance
  5. Combine your clothes with the right accessories
  6. Give a foundation to the health of your skin. (Healthy skin = beautiful skin)
  7. To flirt discreetly and in a feminine way or to accept compliments from others

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