How to iron a shirt: the simple guide

Ironing a shirt is not complicated, but you have to acquire the right method to do it in the best possible way. But do not despair: with the right precautions you will be able to iron a shirt perfectly and without pleats!

Ironing a shirt: before you start

Before starting, it is advisable to proceed step by step because there are some steps that should not be skipped: always check the label of the garment, both before washing and before ironing.

  1. The symbol of an iron with dots: the number of dots indicates the maximum recommended temperature. A point: low temperature. Two dots: average temperature. Three dots: high temperature.
  2. The symbol of a crossed-out iron: do not iron your shirt.
  3. The symbol that looks like an iron with an X on the legs: iron the shirt without using steam.

How to iron a shirt: start from the back

Start at the back of the shirt. Press half of the back panel always starting from the hips towards the collar. Rotate the garment a little more and iron the other half of the back using the same technique over and over again.

Flatten one sleeve on the ironing board

Align the two sides well following the seam as a reference. Iron carefully flattening both layers of fabric as the iron slides over them. Repeat for the other sleeve.

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Turn the shirt over and iron the sleeves on the other side. Make sure you only slide the iron in one direction, the one opposite to where you are holding the item of clothing, so that the folds are smoothed out.

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Iron the cuffs

If you are ironing a long-sleeved shirt, take care of the cuffs with the same technique you will use for the collar. Remember to iron both the inside and outside of the cuffs.

Iron the front

To iron the front of the shirt, make sure all the buttons are open, then place the half with the buttonholes open on the widest part of the ironing board.

Iron starting from the bottom towards the collar. Repeat the operation with the half with the buttons, being careful not to go over the buttons (you could ruin them, or worse, melt them if they are plastic!).

Iron the collar

Place the flat collar on the ironing board and press it down with the iron. Start at the tips to prevent the collar from arching inward. Repeat the process on the outside as well.

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