How to keep your hair from getting greasy!

Many of us suffer from the eternal suffering of greasy hair. Not even a day has passed and they want a bath again! Usually we who have oily skin also have such hair, but without this being absolute. So let’s see together some simple and inexpensive tips to make our hair (finally) less oily.

How will we fight hair oiliness?

1. Avoid too many styling products

Don’t “clog” your hair with a load of hairspray, gel and it doesn’t clump. Try to put only the essentials as few times as possible, and do not overdo it in quantity. These products roughen and dry out the hair, which is why even more sebum is produced in the end.

2. Don’t bother

When you generally touch your hair a lot, you load it with even more germs and dust from the outside environment, causing sebum to be produced again in the area. In this way, the wool restores its natural oils to fight pollutants.

3. Watch your diet

Another reason to avoid fried, sweet, and very fatty foods is because they increase sebum production and make the hair even oilier. Prefer fruits, vegetables and good omega-3 fats.

4. Change your pillowcase often

Since our hair collects dirt throughout the day, it’s perfectly normal for it to collect on the pillowcase. That’s why we have to change it often, because otherwise our hair will be burdened even more.

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5. The right shampoo

We start with a special shampoo for oily hair, but on the other hand it should not have a very strong formula because it will dry and tire the hair. There are also some special shampoos that do deep cleaning and are recommended for once or twice a month.

6. Limit hot water and hair dryers

We all enjoy a hot bath, but hot water is not the best for oily hair as it leads to more sebum production. At least do the last wash with as lukewarm (to cold) water as you can stand. For the same reason, never dry your hair with the highest temperature in the hair dryer.

7. Use talcum powder

A temporary but effective solution. Apply some talc to the roots and some to the ends of your hair and it will absorb the oil directly. Just be careful to spread it well so that the white color does not show. It’s an ideal lifesaver when you have to go out and the wool looks awful!

8. Bathe less often

Surprise! Washing (almost) every day strips away our hair’s natural oils, causing even more sebum to be produced to replace them. Alternatively, bathe every two to three days. You might not feel very comfortable at first, but with the right shampoo you will get used to it.

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