How to lose weight in the buttocks in a short time

It’s a fact: many women tend to accumulate fat in the buttocks and dislocating fat cells in this area is far from easy. The right combination: a balanced diet and sports exercises.

How to lose weight in buttocks in 1 week?

It is said that it is not necessary to wait months for lose weight in the buttocks. Sometimes it takes two or three weeks to get results. For this reason, good nutrition and the practice of physical activity are inseparable. In fact, it is necessary to carry out regular and intense exercises and focus on a balanced diet. To lose weight even faster, we can opt for slimming diets but only for a limited period that create a food imbalance that eliminates excess body fat.

How to lose weight in the buttocks without exercise?

Losing the weight in the buttocks without sport is not impossible, you just need to get into good habits. First, let’s walk.

The goal, therefore, is to walk at least 45 minutes a day. Another alternative: use the bicycle. We can also tiptoe up stairs, do gardening, DIY or housework.

This type of activity allows you to burn calories and lose weight without playing sports. Other solutions like the lipocryotherapy (who cures with the cold) and the mesotherapy (injection of fat-dissolving substances) are effective. As a last resort, we can resort to the buttock liposuction.

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What sports to lose weight in the buttocks?

Sport is our best ally to lose weight in the buttocks. The idea is to perform different exercises, combining cardio with muscle strengthening. The former will help you lose fat in general, and the latter will sculpt your buttocks. The most suitable sports activities to lose weight quickly in this area are:

  • Corsa
  • I swim
  • Nordic walking
  • Bike
  • Danza
  • Skipping rope
  • Water aerobics

Another formidable exercise: squats, essential for gaining firmness and sculpting the buttocks.

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