How to make hair grow faster, how to have long hair

If you are looking for news on how to make hair grow fast you probably came across this article because maybe you cut your hair short and now you regret it bitterly and are looking for a method to get it back long in the shortest possible time. Or it seems to you that your hair never really grows and that the ends are more and more hollow and brittle. Then these tips could be for you, even if remember that growth that defies nature is pure utopia and that on average hair grows about one centimeter, one and a half centimeters per month. There are certainly those who are luckier but, more often than not, there are those who simply know how to take care of their own hair to make them grow faster and keep them healthy.

Surely there are tricks, tips, products, do’s e dont’s to help hair grow faster than the classic centimeter, including home straightening, treatments from professionals and lifestyle habits. Here is a roundup of remedies and tips to try and combine for have very long hair e make hair grow faster. Have you already tried them?

There is no escaping, proper nutrition is the basic step for beautiful hair

It seems like a cliché by now and you’ve heard it millions of times but, apparently, it’s really true! Nutrition is the basis for healthy and strong hair but also for make hair grow faster. Protein is essential, because hair is mainly composed of keratin and which you can take with meat, fish, eggs and legumes. The latter also contain iron, the lack of which could also lead to problems for the hair.

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In eggs we also find vitamin D and among the vitamins it is also important to take those of group B, contained in good quantities in walnuts and Parmigiano Reggiano, but above all biotin or vitamin H, contained in the famous brewer’s yeast but also in eggs, green leafy vegetables, almonds and berries. Vitamin C is the most famous and is found in good quantities in yellow or orange fruits and vegetables.

Remember to drink! It seems like a mother’s recommendation, but hydration is very important, obviously for the whole organism but also for help hair grow, to be more hydrated, strengthened, shiny and make them break with more difficulty, thus contributing to faster growth. If you can’t drink at least two liters of water a day, try herbal teas, so that they are tastier and make it easier for you to drink a lot.

Take supplements to avoid deficiencies and make your hair grow faster

If you are unable to be balanced with your diet and you think you have some deficiency or if you want to give a little help to your hair for make hair grow faster, try specific supplements. They certainly do not work miracles and it still takes time for them to work, but they rebalance those substances that, in fact, perhaps they do not introduce with the diet. In particular, choose a multivitamin or one specific for skin, hair and nails, which already contains the right mix. Biotin is usually used for hair but also iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and mineral salts. If before there were only capsules to be swallowed with water, now there are many brands that make gummy candies, often in the shape of a bear, so that it is easier and tastier to remember to take them.

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Learn the good habit of massaging your scalp

Just as for the skin of the face or body it is important to perform a massage so that the products penetrate at their best but above all to reactivate the circulation, so the hair also needs the same thing. Take a few minutes of the skincare routine also for your hair if you want to make it grow faster and you will see that it will gradually become a daily habit.

You can massage the scalp even every day, just choose products formulated for this purpose and this use, which do not dirty and grease the hair. However, keep in mind that if you only wash your hair once a week, using these products you may need to wash it a little more, but the results are guaranteed. Take 5 minutes in the evening before going to sleep to apply a leave-in product that stimulates circulation and hair growth.

Do not wash your hair too often so as not to weaken it

This too is not new advice, but one that we often tend to forget. Better not wash your hair too often because this could weaken it and lead it to break thus making it more fragile. Not only the mechanical act of washing them, even worse if you wash them often and with non-specific and suitable products, therefore too aggressive. The ideal would be to wash your hair 2 or maximum 3 times a week, trying to lengthen the washes perhaps using a dry shampoo or keeping them tied.

Pay attention to the shampoo, conditioner and brush

Speaking of products, if you wash them often or at least 2/3 times a week, it is better to choose delicate products, which do not contain aggressive surfactants (which would still be better to avoid regardless) or perhaps volumizing products designed for fine hair, so that they will surely be lighter. However, the important thing is to choose products suitable for your hair type so that they have a healing effect. In this way the hair will be healthier and therefore will grow faster.

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For oily hair the ideal is to use a very light purifying shampoo and avoid hair masks but apply only a little conditioner on the lengths, for curly hair a low poo shampoo and a specific moisturizing mask, for dry hair and dehydrated shampoo and conditioner very nourishing and for fine hair volumizing shampoo and very little light conditioner only on the tips. However, it is important to nourish and moisturize the hair, so do a mask every now and then, perhaps before washing it if it tends to be greasy or fine so that after shampooing it will certainly eliminate all residues.

Here’s what you can do at night to protect your hair

Another tip for make hair grow faster it’s also about household linen: try using a satin pillowcase but, better yet, choose a silk pillowcase. The hair on silk glides better, does not knot and does not wrinkle, so it does not become brittle and consequently it breaks less easily. Even the skin will benefit from it, because you will have a sign of the pillow on the face, a better transpiration of the skin and above all silk is more hypoallergenic than other materials.

Remember then that it is always better to sleep with your hair tied (there are also methods for curls not to ruin them by tying them) because this will further avoid knotting and wrinkling. Make a kind of pineapple on your head if you have curly hair or tie your hair into a classic braid but don’t use rubber bands that are too tight to stop them, but better than cloth.In addition, by melting them when you wake up, you will have created perfect beach waves.

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