How to recognize true love

True love is recognized immediately. Obviously this is something extremely subjective and is connected to the emotional sphere, therefore it is not easy to pigeonhole one’s feelings into something pre-established. But there are small signs that make us understand whether or not that person is true love.

Which means true love

You recognize true love and you don’t need to question yourself about it. It’s about something authentic and genuine that doesn’t involve unhealthy jealousy, guesswork, or emotional swings. True love is the freedom to experience one’s feelings without feeling uncomfortable in front of the person in question for the intensity felt.

True love makes you feel good

True love always makes you feel good, despite the down moments that inevitably happen. Bringing someone into your daily life also means this. Even on difficult days, after a conversation with him/her, you get to see the problems from a different perspective. He always knows how to make you feel better when you are sad.

You don’t have to pretend to be different

You are simply yourself, without filters. You are not afraid to appear vulnerable or as you really are.

True love – there is no unhealthy jealousy

The key to everything is the trust he feels towards you. Doesn’t get mad at you when someone looks at you or tries to get your attention. He keeps his cool because he knows he can be trusted. He doesn’t make a scene when you decide to go out with your friends and respects your spaces and above all your privacy.

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Pay proper attention

It’s simply about the little things and small gestures that fill the heart. Plus your partner is always with you without having to ask. The key to everything is sharing and that the things that are important to both of you don’t have to be discussed.

He’s proud of you

He makes you feel your worth and always cheers you up when you need encouragement! But she also tells you when you’re wrong without condemning your choices. This is the foundation of a constructive relationship.

True love: shows you that he loves you

Besides saying I love you, he always shows it. Saying it is important, but it’s not the only aspect that matters. Sometimes no matter how many times you say it or show it, it’s never enough compared to what you feel. He/she strives to make you fall in love differently every day!

Knows how to calm certain situations

When things go wrong or when you argue, try to calm yourself down by focusing on the solution rather than the problem. So if you disagree on something, he/she is more concerned with making the discussion healthy and productive than with being right so we can grow together. In this way the relationship is much more solid.

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