How to remove oil stains: useful tips and tricks

We all use it in the kitchen, and that’s why sooner or later we find ourselves having to deal with some rather stubborn stain: oil is a fundamental and very precious ingredient to prepare delicious dishes, but it is also a real nightmare for fabrics.

Whether it’s a freshly laundered shirt or a new tablecloth, finding oily clothing and table linens is not pleasant at all. Also because these stains are particularly stubborn and often leave a bad mark. Since not even the washing machine seems to be able to completely eliminate all traces of oil, what else can we do? Here you are some home remedies to trysuper effective and even cheap.

Oil stains, when the washing machine is not enough

In the kitchen or at the table, it can easily get dirty. And the oil stains are among the most stubborn to remove, together with those of sauce (which on the other hand sees it as the main ingredient): this is because it attacks the fabric quickly, penetrating deeply into the fibers and making any attempt at normal cleaning almost always ineffective. The biggest mistake, if we find ourselves with a grease stain, is to let it dry and then put the dirty garment directly in the washing machine, proceeding with a classic wash. Even if carried out with high temperaturesin most cases it does not allow to obtain a perfect result.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks to try before throwing down your weapons (and clothes dirty with oil). From unsuspected detergents, which we usually use in a completely different area, to the natural ingredients present in our pantry, we have several possibilities to remove those stubborn stains that just don’t want to go away in any other way. Let’s find out what are the simplest – and cheapest – DIY remedies for eliminate any greasy halo.

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How to remove oil stains: natural remedies

Some of the best products for remove dirt from fabrics are already present in our homes, it is enough to know their secrets to make the most of them on every occasion. In the case of oil stains that are still fresh, for example, we can try with del baby powder: after having pressed some absorbent paper on the area to be treated, so as to eliminate the excess oil that has not yet penetrated into the fibers of our garment, sprinkle the stain well with baby talcum powder in order to completely cover it.

We leave it on for half an hour, then we carefully remove everything and put the garment in the washing machine. If the talc has not yet taken effect, we can repeat the procedure leaving it on even for the whole night. Instead of talcum powder, we can use other products such asstarch says more where he gesso well crumbled, which perform the same function: if sprinkled on the stain while it is still fresh, they are able to absorb the oil before the fabric does.

Even the cooking salt it is an excellent solution against grease marks, especially if we are in the hands of particularly delicate garments (such as velvet or suede). Just sprinkle some on the stain and let it absorb the oil for at least 3/4 hours. At this point, we can remove the salt by rubbing with an old toothbrush with circular movements, over the entire area to be treated. All that remains is put the dress in the washing machine and the dirt will magically disappear.

Another easy remedy for oil stains is the lemon juice. Let’s pour a few drops on the affected area and rub gently with your fingers until we see the halo disappear slowly. At this point we leave the dress to soak with hot water and detergent for half an hour before putting it in the washing machine for a normal wash at the highest temperature allowed by the label.

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Baking soda and white wine vinegar, a winning combination: these two ingredients are widely used in household cleaning, and apparently they also work wonders against oil stains – especially if we have not acted in time and the stain is now dry. Prepare a mixture based on bicarbonate and vinegar in equal parts, then spread it on the area to be treated and leave it on for a quarter of an hour, rubbing with a toothbrush if necessary. We rinse everything withvinegar and proceed with a normal washing.

Has nothing worked yet? The sodasthanks to the presence of carbon dioxide, they are powerful natural stain removers: before giving up with the oil stains, we can therefore try to immerse the fabric to be treated in a basin of water to which to add a can of sparkling water, soda or Coke There. We leave the dress to soak for at least an hour, then rinse thoroughly and put it in the washing machine.

Oil stains, the most powerful degreasers

Sometimes, natural ingredients aren’t enough for completely eliminate the most stubborn oil stains. We can then resort to some products that seem to be right for us. The first is the common dish detergent, which has enormous degreasing effectiveness. Apply some of it directly on the wet spot and rub with your fingers, leaving it to act for a few minutes. Then we put the garment in the washing machine without rinsingchoosing the program that provides the highest temperature allowed for the type of fabric to be washed.

For stubborn dirt, we can try one multipurpose degreaser (preferably with Marseille soap, which also leaves a pleasant smell of clean laundry). Spray a little on the oil stain and, after rubbing it with a toothbrush, let it act for a few minutes. All that remains is to proceed with a normal washing in the washing machine to remove all traces of grease. Pay attention to the most delicate garments: in this case, it is best to try the degreaser on a hidden corner to avoid damaging the fabric.

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The most stubborn stains can give up in front of theethyl alcohol, especially the 90 ° one. Just apply a few drops on the area to be treated and let it rest for 5 minutes. After this operation, we soak the garment in a basin with water and liquid soap for at least half an hour, then we rub well in the place where the stain isrinsing under warm water before putting everything in the washing machine.

The iron trick to say goodbye to oil stains

And if the oil stain does it appear at the least opportune moment, because we don’t have time to proceed with a normal washing (nor to experiment with the remedies we have listed so far)? There is a trick that can help us get rid of the dirt in minutes without having to put the dress in the washing machine. We just need them an iron and a brown paper baglike that of bread.

We spread the garment to be treated on the ironing board and place the paper bag on the stain, so that the iron does not come into contact with it directly. Now all that remains is to pass over the area over and over again, letting the heat take effect: it should in fact transfer the oil from the fabric to the paper, removing all traces effectively and very quickly. If the halo is no longer fresh, it may be necessary repeat the procedure several timesuntil there is no longer any sign of the stain.

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