How to remove wine stains: the most effective methods

It happens to get stained, especially at the table, and the worry of having irreparably ruined the clothes you wear can be great. Especially in case of problems with products that are difficult to get rid of.

Among these, for example, is the vino: very popular drink but, at the same time, complicated to clean when it leaves a halo or a real one stain on the fabric. It does not necessarily have to be an item of clothing, but also a tablecloth or napkin: the Wine stain must somehow be eliminated. Are you afraid of not succeeding? There are actually several effective methods that allow you to remove wine stains in a simple, effective and decisive way.

And – above all – without leaving those annoying halos on the garments that can no longer be washed off. There is no need to treat aggressively, or buy a special detergent, in fact they can also be enough products that you have at home and which are used for the most diverse uses such as bicarbonate, milk and even toothpaste.

The best ways to get rid of wine stains.

Soap and water, but acting quickly

Water and soap they can easily delete one wine stain provided that action is taken quickly. For example, letting the liquid dry could make it more difficult to remove. But how to act? You will have to apply lukewarm water on the stain and rub with soap before washing in the washing machine. Otherwise, if you want to use a dry product, you can take Marseille soap and pass it vigorously on the fabric. Then you can proceed to washing in the washing machine.

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If, on the other hand, you only have water, that sparkling it could be right for us: just pour a little on the stain and leave it to act before washing in the washing machine.

One thing, though, is clear: Timing can save you from a permanent blemish.

Coarse salt, perfect stain remover

The coarse salt is a great ally in every home. Present in almost all kitchens, it has a variety of uses that make it a very versatile product. Just think that it is perfect – for example – to say goodbye to humidity: just put it in a room inside a bowl for it to absorb it. And then it can also be used in the beauty field in body care, becoming an effective exfoliant.

The coarse salt also allows you to remove wine stains, just place it directly on the newly stained garment and let its absorbent power act. After a few minutes you will have to pour very hot water over it. Then you can proceed with washing by hand or in the washing machine.

Sodium percarbonate, on resistant garments

On resistant garments it is easier to act because you can use a greater range of products without too much fear that the fabric will be damaged. For the wine stain on white cotton for example, you can use the sodium percarbonate. Specifically, it is a product that has a great variety of uses, including whitening. It should never be missing in a home, because it can be used in domestic cleaning with very satisfactory results. So, in case you accidentally get stained with wine, just take the garment and immerse it in a basin in which the sodium percarbonate has been dissolved. After leaving it immersed, you can proceed with washing.

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White wine and baking soda

Wine chases wine? That’s right. If it happens to be stained with red wine, it is good to know that the winning combination white wine and baking soda may be the most suitable solution to get rid of the problem. First the fabric will be wet with white wine and then wrung out, so as to eliminate the excess liquid. Then on the stain you will have to sprinkle the baking soda keeping everything moist for about two hours. Finally we move on to the washing machine.

Bicarbonate is another of those products that should never be missing in a home, its uses are truly heterogeneous and numerous. It can be used to save a felted sweater, to fight humidity in a closet, or as a precious beauty ally (did you know that it helps eliminate wrinkles?). It is also effective for removing stubborn stains.

Lemon on old wine stains

Sometimes it happens not to be able to intervene to remedy a stain in a short time. But we must not despair, even in these cases the solution is not to throw away the head. The lemon in fact, it seems to be effective on those spots that have been forming for some time now. Just squeeze a lemon and use the juice to wet the stain. Then you can proceed to washing. The garment, at the end of the various steps, should have returned to its ancient splendor.

How to remove wine stains: the most particular methods

They also exist other, more particular methods, to remove wine stains from a fabric. For example, there are those who use the toothpaste, the classic and non-whitening one. It is necessary to squeeze a small amount which then has to be spread on the area to be treated. After letting it act, even for a few hours, you can move on to washing the garment. Or you can use the latte which should be placed, after being slightly heated, on the stain and left for a few minutes before putting it in the washing machine.

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How to remove wine stains: treat before washing

There are some good rules for getting rid of wine stains, one of them is act quickly. Going to treat the newly stained garment guarantees us a greater chance of success. But, if you can’t, don’t despair: there are effective methods to use even on the oldest and most stubborn stains. The trick is to use one of these techniques before putting it in the washing machine: therefore, treat the actual washing first. On the market there are also several products made specifically to act on stains of all kinds. But, if you want to intervene quickly, and take advantage of what you already have at home, you can proceed with the use of the numerous products mentioned. And save our garment from the risk of being thrown away because it is unusable.

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