How to reuse air conditioner water

Air conditioner water can be reused in many different ways. The air conditioner contains distilled water which can be recycled.

How to recycle the air conditioner water

One of the most popular methods of recycling this type of water is for your iron. But not only! It can be used to irrigate plants. Many have the misconception that it can harm plants.

Perfect conditioner water for plants

This is absolutely not the case, indeed succulent plants such as azalea, camellia, gardenia, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, for example, do not require excessive nourishment, so “demineralised water” does not cause any damage. In any case, you can mix it with common tap water or use special products for plant nourishment (liquid fertilizers) to be administered following the instructions on the label.

This is not acidic water, so green light for plants! If part of the ducts of the exhaust system or of the air conditioner itself is subject to oxidation (rust), such water may contain ferrous components and therefore may not be suitable for foliar irrigation but remains useful for irrigating plants.

For car maintenance

The water coming from the air conditioner can be used to: top up the water in the radiator, in the wiper compartment or to wash the car. Very useful for washing the car with a sponge and suitable soap.

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To make a laundry soap

Pour a liter of demineralized water into a bowl together with three tablespoons of Marseille soap flakes then mix everything together. Stir the mixture vigorously for several days several times a day, until the flakes have completely dissolved. Here is your liquid soap for delicate clothes, both for the washing machine and by hand.

Household air conditioner water

You can use the water from the air conditioner to clean the house, for example to wash the floor. Add your favorite detergent, arm yourself with a sledgehammer and cloth and proceed with washing the floors.

For decorative purposes

Condensation from the air conditioner can be used for decorative purposes, for example with fountains. With water from your air conditioner, you can fill a fountain or pond. You could also use this water as part of your irrigation system for your pond or other water feature.

To wash your hair

  • You can wash your hair with this type of water and benefit your hair.
  • You will need to collect enough water and pour it into a pot that you will heat up, then shampoo as usual.
  • The water rich in limestone that we use to wash your hair causes damage to the protein fibers that make up our hair over time. Calcareous water result? Brittle, dull and dull hair.

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