How to Ripe Avocados – 5 Easy Ways

Undoubtedly, avocados are tastier when they are ripe. So how to ripen avocados that you recently bought but are not yet as they should be? What method can you follow to make them faster, more immediate, ripe enough for you to incorporate them into your diet in the most appropriate and palatable way?

In the open article on your screen you will find not one, but several ways on how to ripen avocados. They do NOT all have the exact same result in terms of fruit color, texture and flavor. So, we recommend trying more than one method before settling on the one you prefer to apply whenever you get an unripe avocado and want to eat it soon.

But before we look at how to ripen your purchased avocados, let’s look at some recipes. In fact, let’s look at some ideas on how to include avocado in your diet!

Some ideas for complete meals with avocado

Avocado and egg toast for breakfast

You can make it the classic closed toast. But you can also make two slices of bread separately, toasted if you prefer. Peel the avocado and spread as much as possible 30 grams on each of the 2 slices of bread, which is best wholemeal. Cut a hard-boiled egg into thin slices or small pieces and place it on top of the avocado. For men, 2 boiled eggs are recommended. A pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper, optionally a pinch of oregano or dried basil and voila!

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If you want to accompany your food with about 150 ml of natural orange juice, reduce the amount of avocado by half.

Salad with avocado, cheese, turkey, croutons and honey sauce as lunch

A very satisfying salad that can fill you up at lunch, but is also good for dinner, is this particular one. Take a deep dish and fill it with your favorite green leafy vegetables. Lettuce, rocket, lola, baby spinach, iceberg, or whatever you like. Add 20 grams of wholemeal croutons and 60 grams of diced avocado. Pour over the dressing, where you have mixed in a bowl: 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1-2 tablespoons of lemon or lime and 25 grams of honey. At the end, add 1 slice of toast (about 20 grams) of boiled or roasted turkey. And 20 grams of cheese of your choice, grated or cubed, Bon appetit!

Tortillas with avocado and other vegetables for dinner

Use a tortilla that is 40, 50 or at most 60 grams if you are female. And 60 or 70 grams if you are male. In fact, if you are a man, double the amount of cheese and egg mentioned below. Spread the tortilla with 30 grams of avocado. Place in the center as many vegetables as you like, raw or roasted, without adding oil. Plus 1 thinly sliced ​​boiled egg, 20 grams of cheese of your choice (eg feta, parmesan) and optional mustard. Wrap and enjoy!

How to Ripe Avocados – 5 Easy Ways

1) In the oven in a few minutes

An avocado can ripen in the oven, as can a banana in exactly the same way. Although not everyone likes the end result every time, quite often this method is chosen.

Wrap the avocado well in a piece of aluminum foil. Put it in a baking tray and bake it on the middle grill for 10 minutes of the hour at 120 degrees Celsius. Be careful not to burn yourself when you take the pan out of the oven and try to remove the foil.

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2) In the microwave inless minutes

Even this method does not necessarily guarantee the best possible texture and color, but many people try it. This is the method of heating and therefore after ripening the avocado in the microwave oven. Recommend mainly for recipes where avocado will be an ingredient mixed with others. Like, for example, avocado smoothies or delicious guacamole. In such recipes we need ripe avocados so that the end result is tasty. And any alteration caused to the taste or color of the avocado by this method is small and not noticeable.

Place the avocado as is in a microwave-safe dish. Prick it around on several sides with a fork. It is recommended to use transparent film that closes the container without touching the food. Or alternatively the plastic lid that makes for a microwave oven. These are purely precautionary measures. Warm up for 30 seconds on medium intensity. Check its status. If it hasn’t softened yet, repeat 1 or 2 more times. Wait for it to cool slightly before attempting to cut it.

3)Wrapped in a paper bag for a few days

An easy, healthy and not scary way of how to ripen avocados is here. Place it or them tightly closed in a paper bag. The ethylene gases will remain trapped inside, thus promoting the ripening of the avocado(s). This bag should NOT be in the refrigerator, but at room temperature.

Key advantage: neither the taste nor its nutrients are altered at all.

How many days will it take? This will depend on how ripe the avocado was already. If, for example, it took more than 1 week when you got it to be sufficiently ripe, now it may take 3 – 4 days.

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4) The best way on how to soften avocados is as follows

Put one or more unripe avocados in a paper bag, as we explained above. Along with the bag should also be other fruits, mainly apples or bananas or both, or alternatively tomatoes. Calculate that for every avocado, 2 other fruits are definitely needed. He must be in touch with them. Close the paper bag very well and leave everything at room temperature.

Around 20 degrees Celsius is fine. Not much more heat. And definitely not in the fridge, as we only put them in the fridge when we want to completely stop their ripening.

To know if it’s ripe enough, gently squeeze the top side.

5) If you have cut an avocado and it is not as ripe as you would like, what do you do?

This is something that has happened or can happen to all of us. To cut an avocado and find with great regret that it is not soft and therefore tasty. What can we do then? There is a solution.

As soon as you cut it and see that it is not as you would like, before the flesh turns black, sprinkle a little lemon juice on its flesh. Join the avocado as if you were closing it again, and do not remove the pit. Wrap it in transparent food film and place it in the fridge. You leave it for as long as necessary until it reaches your desired level of maturity.

We hope you find what you learned from this article useful! Try the three meals we suggested, even if you’re not an avocado fan. And, of course, don’t wait days and days for your purchased avocados to ripen!

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