How to save money when shopping at the supermarket

The Super Market it is your constant attitude even in weeks when everything changes around you. You will see what you are missing from the fridge or the kitchen shelves, you will shop and at the end of course you will pay the bill. Really, have you also noticed that the prices of several basic products have increased significantly lately? If so, then scroll down, because we have collected all the tips that will help you save money. Let’s see…

Prepare a Shopping List

To be able to remember what you really need when you are in the supermarket, you need to have written them down on paper or on your mobile phone. Thus, not only will you not forget the essentials, but you will realize which of the things you are thinking of buying are not your primary need.

Prefer label products

You have the brands you love, but how would you react if I told you that several of the label products in every supermarket are made by companies you’ve known and trusted for years? Same product, lower price. Are you still thinking about it?

Read the labels carefully

Not just to see how many calories each food has, packaged or not. Among other things, you will find out when the product on your list expires and you will avoid that embarrassing moment when the food has spoiled and you just throw it away. Except that with them you essentially throw away the money you paid to buy them

How to save money when shopping at the supermarket 1

Choose a basket instead of a trolley

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If your shopping is not that much, don’t take a stroller. I’ll explain why right away. We tend to fill the “medium” we choose for our shopping. So, you understand that in your unconscious effort to fill your cart you will also buy products that you don’t need that much.

Don’t underestimate bulk products

Legumes, nuts, pasta, grated cheese and the list just started. The difference in price may seem negligible to you, but if you look at it cumulatively, it is not that small. At least when it comes to dairy or meat, the quality might be even better.

Take a look at the offers

Every week, your favorite supermarket – whatever it may be – has its own discount offers, which can save you almost half price. You mark the products that are on sale, find which ones you really need and come out with a double win.

Preserve your food smartly

The economy doesn’t stop the moment you walk through the exit door of the supermarket. If you cook a large amount of food, store leftovers in the freezer in airtight containers, rather than letting them spoil in the fridge and throwing them away. Also, try chopping all your fresh herbs and freezing them, so you don’t have to keep buying fresh parsley or celery for your home cooking. And everything in the pocket goes well…

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