How to spend your time constructively at home

It’s true that it’s a bit difficult to adjust to the quarantine situation, but I’m sure we’ll make it! The secret to pass the quarantine painlessly is to occupy yourself with something and not let the time pass like this, endlessly scrolling through social media. We need to do things that please us, fill our day creatively and will make the quarantine fly by. I’m going to tell you 5 things that I love to do while I’m at home and I suggest you do them too, if of course you’re not already doing them.

Become a cine-explorer

Something I’ve always enjoyed and until recently I didn’t have enough time to do is watch movies based on true events and then research the internet for historical facts and opinions on the subject. Ps I recently saw United 93 related to the 11 attacksher September. Thus, you spend your time happily watching a movie, while at the same time learning things that you might never have learned under other circumstances.

Opportunity to learn to cook

Too often I complained that I didn’t have enough time to try healthy delicious recipes, so I ended up with delivery too often. Now is the right time to cook healthier and learn to make things that will definitely serve you well in the future.

Get in the kitchen and create!

Idea if you want a quick dessert: put dark chocolate, peanut butter and banana in a pan, mix them and put them in the oven.

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Exercise at home

What if you didn’t exercise before the quarantine? Now is a good opportunity to introduce fitness into your life. Apart from keeping us fit and healthy, it also helps our psychology. Personally, I suggest you follow Filio Lou on Youtube.

Books are humans’ best friend

Have you been reading a book and left it in the middle because you didn’t have time to finish it? Now is the best time to find out the ending. Put on some wine, some soft music and “travel” to the world of the book. He is enchanting!

PS Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life is a good choice.

Reading – why this should be done too

I imagine the classes are running normally even though they are online. Now is the right time to enter a program, fill gaps, better prepare for the next exam and get one step closer to the degree.

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