How to tell if it’s a crush or true love

The state of grace that causes a crush is not comparable to any other emotional condition: we are so “out” that we cannot (and do not even want to) be lucid and rational. The emotions we experience are so great and satisfying that they fill our heads and hearts. The scent of his skin excites us, his gaze makes us feel desired, his embrace tells us that for him we are unique. So is it love? Before asking this uncomfortable question, let’s give ourselves the chance to fully enjoy the electrifying story we are experiencing, savoring every moment of passion, laughter, silence, emotions and romantic messages. We seize the moment, in short, and we decide to reflect on this relationship when these signals occur.

How to tell if it’s just infatuation

1) It can happen to feel attracted to someone who appears super-cool to us because in addition to being physically attractive they seem to have all the qualities that we like in a person, but this attraction can also occur just for the desire to feel loved and of not being alone anymore: are we more taken by the gratification of having someone we call “my boyfriend” or are we really in love with him and everything he does?

2) Yes, why if we begin to find it stupid, embarrassing or annoying the things that define him (the movies he loves, the clothes he chooses, the way he chews his fries or turns away after sex) means that the crush is falling apart, and there’s no point in thinking it’s normal not to appreciate the details of each other’s life. He is not.

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3) If after a few months intimacy with him seems boring to us, devoid of momentum, almost “mandatory” as if it were a homework to do because it “must”, it means that the crush is running out of office. The passion of true love is always on and desire is a rushing torrent that pushes us towards each other to enjoy her embrace. If she becomes a habit (even a little annoying) she has nothing to do with love.

4) It is right and necessary that in a couple everyone keeps their space, but if we don’t feel like a team with himboth on the same side, ready to share the good and the bad of life, there is something wrong.

5) Se we have so many doubts do not chase them away thinking they are not important. They are, however, because they want to suggest that the crush is not turning into love. And that the stop is around the corner.

6) And then, if our history does not progress, it does not grow, does not prove its solidity, then it never will. When the crush turns into true love, we feel that this feeling becomes for us protection and realization, consolation and light, comfort and joy, power and sweetness. Do we feel these sensations in the heart and in the mind? Otherwise infatuation alone won’t hold up for long.

7) And finally, if it seems to us that he does not understand us, you disapprove of our choices, never be on our side and don’t be proud of us, history is going nowhere. Let’s not fool ourselves by telling ourselves that he needs time. It is not so. If it hasn’t happened so far, then when?

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8) If we happen to feel attracted to another person and maybe even trying to make contact, crush’s days are numbered.

How to tell if it’s true love

1) If we are always at ease with him and he is with us, it means that we are solid and sincere. We don’t care what others think or do, we are self-sufficient and we are like a happy island.

2) We take decisions together, arguing and confronting each other, but there is no anger or aggression in our words. If we put the snout, it doesn’t last long! There is harmony and complicity between us.

3) We like us as we are: he also loves us without make-up, in jeans and a T-shirt; we also love him with his unkempt hair and his father’s xl shirt. We don’t want to look different than we are, because we love each other for this!

4) We rely on personal decisions that do not directly affect the couple. We are happy if the other achieves success and we never envy each other, indeed we admire each other.

5) In sex we seek the pleasure of the other e we love his body. We enjoy ourselves but we also know how to laugh and be tender.

6) We respect each other’s hobbies and interestswhich we do not consider nonsense or fixations but legitimate pleasures (such as music, games, reading, the gym, but also the collection of beer caps or miniature nail polishes).

7) We do projects togetherwhich doesn’t just mean thinking about marriage or children, but perhaps an adventurous trip to Ireland or building a tree house.

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We say “We will do” and not “I will do”.

8) It is quite stranger to our mind the idea of wanting another person.

Knowing if it’s just attraction or true love therefore depends on many factors. But the fundamental tip remains that of listen to your inner voice because he knows what’s right for us.

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