How to thicken eyelashes and eyebrows naturally

Weak and sparse eyelashes and brows

Having long lashes and well-drawn brows is the dream of many. In fact, eyelashes and eyebrows have an important influence on it gaze, making it more intense and expressive. Unfortunately, however, not everyone is lucky enough to have curved eyelashes and marked eyebrows, indeed. In many cases, the lashes are short or straight and the eyebrows sparse. What are the causes? Certainly genetics is crucial: if it is written in our DNA that eyelashes and eyebrows must be produced in a certain way, the body will follow that instruction. However, there are several factors that can make the situation worse.

Nutrition, for example, but also stress, the use of poor cosmetics or the habit of frequently rubbing the eyes or continually touching eyelashes and eyebrows, a nervous tic to avoid because it breaks or tears the hair (which can then be used up to a month and a half to grow back). Also, using some eye drops can dehydrate and dry out your eyelashes. Consequently, a balanced diet, the choice of quality cosmetics, good stress management and the abandonment of bad behavior can definitely help our lashes and brows. There are also some products natural able to lend a hand and help to have longer and stronger lashes without having to resort to lamination or extensions or to keep them healthy and strong.

What to do

To have top lashes and brows the first rule is to take care of one’s diet: if the body does not receive the right quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water, it will obviously be difficult for him to make everything work perfectly and this also affects the physical appearance. A balanced diet is therefore the first step to have strong eyelashes and eyebrows. There are also natural supplements recommended to grow eyelashes and eyebrows: this is the case, for example, of millet extracts, biotin and in general vitamin and mineral supplements. However, if the diet is adequate, it is almost never necessary to resort to supplementation.

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On an equal footing with nutrition we find movement, because physical activity oxygenates the tissues making them more efficient and beautiful. A strategy to get oxygen and nutrients to the eyebrow area is to comb them. On the market there are small combs on purpose: comb the eyebrows it stimulates blood circulation and it is thanks to the blood that the hair bulbs are supplied with what they need.

Then pay attention to the choice of cosmetics and make-up products, always preferring quality ones, and hygiene. Removing eye make-up and washing brushes and applicators carefully avoids the risk of irritation and infections that could lead to weakening eyelashes and eyebrows.

Natural remedies

Some simple natural remedies they can help protect lashes and brows and help make them stronger, longer and thicker.

Olive oil

Olive oil is an excellent remedy for eyelashes and eyebrows but also for hair and nails. It is a natural emollient and protective product perfect for the beauty of the eyelashes. On the eyebrows it can be used quietly pure, “wetting” a small comb with oil and then combing the entire arch, once or twice a day. On the eyelashes, however, it is better to choose products that contain it, obviously choosing one of good quality.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is also a good remedy for eyelashes and brows. Like olive oil it is emollient and protective and can help improve the health and appearance of the eyelashes. It is a solid oil at temperatures around 20 ° C and is generally used by heating it a little between the hands. For eyelashes and eyebrows, however, it can also be used solid: for example, a small amount can be taken to use on a sponge to remove makeup eyes.

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Castor oil

Castor oil is perhaps the most widely used vegetable oil to strengthen eyelashes and brows. Although experts have repeatedly denied its ability to strengthen eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, castor oil continues to be highly successful and is often found in products dedicated to the care of eyelashes and eyebrows. Be careful not to use it pure though, because it could irritate the eyes. As for olive oil, the ideal would be to use a specific product that contains it, perhaps in association with olive oil.

Aloe gel

Aloe gel can also help improve the appearance of lashes and brows. It can be used pure as an eye contour to be passed on the eyebrow arch and in the eyelash area to strengthen them and to relieve any irritation that can also affect the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another natural ingredient indicated for eyelashes and brows. How to use it? The best way in this case is to choose a serum: on the market there are several formulated specifically for the eye contour. Often, in addition to tocopherol, they contain other vitamins, peptides and amino acids that help promote the growth and strength of eyelashes and brows.

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