How to train your dog not to take food from strangers

Training the dog a don’t miss food from strangers it is essential to keep him safe and to prevent him from getting in some way in danger. There are in fact commands that it is essential to teach your pet immediately, such as “come”, to prevent it from running away on the street, chasing cars or other animals. But also “Stop” and “leave”.

Unfortunately not everyone loves animals and sometimes it can happen to come across them poisoned morsels or strangers who, for one reason or another, provide the dog with food that could harm him. Precisely for this reason it is very important that Fido is trained to refuse any food that does not come from its owner.

How to teach your dog not to accept food from strangers

Dogs – especially puppies – love to eat and go crazy for some treats, so it can be difficult to train the dog not to accept food from strangers. However, there are some methods that can be effective to achieve the goal.

The command method in code

The very first method to train your dog not to lose food from unknown people is to teach him a code word, for example “good appetite” or “gusta”. How does it work? Each time you feed your dog, let him sit down, then wait a few seconds, then use the command you have chosen.

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If I trust when you put the bowl on the ground, he immediately runs and goes to eat, take it out and have him sit down. Then repeat the command to allow him to eat. You will have to be patient, but you will see that in no time the dog will learn to follow your directions. Remember that you will always have to praise the pet when he carries out your command, using positive reinforcement.

When he understands, you can use the code word by replacing the food bowl with a morsel. Use the same procedure: sit, wait, finally enjoy. To be sure that the dog are ready and preparedtest him: use other words, making sure he doesn’t eat until he hears the command “taste”.

The method of impulse control

Alternatively, another method can be used. Have the dog sit down and place treats or a biscuit in the palm of your hand. Then pronounce the command “food”, that is the signal that indicates to the pet that it can take food. If the animal tries to get food without the signal, cover the treats and try again. You will need to be patient and give your pet at least an hour of training to help him learn the importance of only taking food in the presence of the command.

Finally, place outside a food that is different from what the dog usually eats. Go out for a walk and make sure that your pet does not come close to food in any way, teaching him that he will only have to eat at home and only if you give it to him.

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How to educate a dog not to eat everything off the ground

Among the most common problems of those who have a pet is that of teaching the dog not to eat everything from the ground. A question that is more frequent regarding puppies who often find themselves running around the house, picking up and eat anything. This behavior is called “pica” and could be dangerous if the dog finds himself eating metal, plastic and inedible objects, with consequent damage to the intestines and stomach.

How to educate a dog not to eat everything off the ground? “First of all we need to better evaluate the dog’s behavior – explains Silvia Delfini, veterinarian for dogs and cats -. The reasons can be many: stress, boredom, need for attention, hunger, but also pathological obsession. In any case, it would be preferable to contact a behavioral veterinarian. A visit could help to understand the cause of the animal’s behavior and solve the problem”.

In addition to working on the causes behind it the pike there are some tricks that can be useful to train the dog not to eat everything on the ground. First check if your pet is eating enough. His attitude could be caused by not eating enough for his energy needs. In these cases, a solution could be to increase the quantity of baby food a little at a time.

Be prepared to intervene promptly. If your dog puts something in his mouth that could be dangerous – such as glass – open his mouth firmly and take it off. If it grabs woods, dry leaves or grass let him do it: animals, especially if they are puppies, explore the world using their mouth and these objects are harmless, so better allow them to chew them without having to intervene.

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Is he chewing on paper or handkerchiefs? You intervene using the command “leave”, then give him a tasty snack in exchange. To teach trust the “leave” order you can initially use a game. At home throw a ball or a puppet to the dog, when he comes back to you with the toy offer him a sort of exchange: leave him a small prize and pronounce the command “leave”. To motivate Fido to leave his ball or puppet, let him smell the snack well. When your four-legged friend has repeated the exercise several times, move outside.

Prepare the ground by throwing objects that it might grab with its mouth as often, then start a short walk. At this point, all you have to do is use the command. Whenever the dog tries to catch something, say “let go” and give him a treat, overcoming the thing that was on the ground. Remember that your attitude (and your patience) are key to training your dog. For this you will have to trust your pet and wait for it to understand. To entice him even more choose some snack that are not the usual croquettes or its biscuits, but something more delicious and greedy. In this way he will be more enticed.

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