How to use coconut oil: from cooking to beauty

Moisturizer and repairer for skin and hair, butter and margarine substitute for recipes: once you have discovered it, you will no longer be able to do without coconut oil.

The coconut oil it is an ingredient versatile and natural which can be used in the preparation of many products of beautylike the masks repairers and the oil-spray hair moisturizers.

This delicately scented oil (solid below 25 °) can be a good natural substitute for hand and nail creams.

But the uses of this’nectar’ miraculous don’t stop at beauty routinein fact, coconut oil is also very useful in kitchento make recipes either sweet than salty.

Before moving on to advice on how to use thecoconut oillet’s try to understand what exactly is.

What is coconut oil?

While being a vegetable fat (such as olive or seed oil), coconut oil shows up below solid form at room temperature, only when i 25 degrees it begins to change the consistency and to approach the liquid one that oils commonly have.

Coconut oil is extracted by pressing ‘copra’, i.e. i coconut seeds.

Her features emollients e nutritive and its content of vitamins A and E make it a great ingredient in both kitchen than for the personal care.

Uses of coconut oil for personal care

To deeply nourish and hydrate the dry skincoconut oil is miraculous: a spoon is enough for the whole body, the ideal is to apply it on the clammy skin after a shower.

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Our advice is to heat the oil on the palm of your hand for a few seconds, so as to make it soft and easy to spread.

Even in the case of mild sunburn this product can prove to be an ally.

To take care of the hair we can make one nourishing mask and coconut oil based repair e shea butter: by mixing the two ingredients, a ‘cream’ is obtained which must be applied over the entire length of the hair, e after half an hour of laying you can proceed as usual wash.

In addition, coconut oil is very useful as makeup remover (half a teaspoon on a cotton pad is enough to remove make-up, including mascara!) and can even be used in the case of lice. For the latter purpose, a compound with a tablespoon of coconut oil and 6 drops of lavender essential oilit must be distributed on damp hair and tender posing for an hour before proceeding with rinsing. This treatment is to be repeated 3 times a week for 3 weeks.

Coconut oil can also be used for protect hair from sunlight when you are on the beach, just spread a spoonful on damp hair and repeat the operation after every bath or every 4 hours.

One last amazing use of coconut oil is what turns it into teeth whitenerin fact rinsing your mouth with coconut oil for 5 minutes a day will help prevent plaque and tooth decay and to return the whiter and brighter your smile.

Uses of coconut oil in cooking

Established at 93% saturated fatcoconut oil should be consumed in moderation and how substitute for other fatty ingredients such as butter or margarine.

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We can use this product for to fry or cook ad alte temperaturesince unlike other oils it does not release harmful substances when it is heated a lot, or we can use it instead of butter to cook the shortcrust pastrythe puff pastryi biscotti of the wraps.

Where to buy coconut oil?

Per buy coconut oil you can go in a organic food store or herbalist’s shopyou can find it otherwise online. Our advice is to choose a organic product and even better if fair tradesince this oil has an intrinsic environmental impactrelated to both production that al transport.

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