How to wash fruit and vegetables during pregnancy

We all know that during pregnancy fruits and vegetables must be cleaned and washed with meticulous care in order not to risk contracting toxoplasmosis, which often makes our light meals even complicated when we are not at home. So here are all tips for washing fruit and vegetables correctly during pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables in pregnancy: how to clean it

The problem mainly concerns the fruit that is not peeled and the vegetables to be eaten raw, which is why when you are away from home and eat at a restaurant it would be better to prefer cooked vegetables. For sanitize fruit and vegetables it is enough to simply use bicarbonate or chlorine-based products: generally the fruit and vegetables are washed first with simple running water to eliminate traces of earth and dirt, then proceed with a second wash by filling the sink tank and pouring into it inside a fistful of baking soda or a specific sanitizing product based on chlorine.

The vegetables and fruit must remain in the water for at least 15 minutes and then rinse well with plenty of running water. Considering that this operation takes some time, it is advisable to do it when you buy food, then leaving the fruit and vegetables already cleaned and sanitized in the refrigerator.

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