Irresistible lips? Try these moisturizing lipsticks

The advent of makeup trends that look back with nostalgia to the unforgettable nineties / early 2000s has been reviving, for some time now, moisturizing lipsticks that give the lips that look glossy so sought after at that time. The reason for so much love? These guarantee them to show off a delicious complexion, without depriving you of nourishment in any way. Needless to say, the proposals on the market, in this regard, are multiple and infinite. But no more chatter: curious to find out which products we have chosen for you?

Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Volupte Shine

I moisturizing lipsticks par excellencewrapped in the absolute luxury of packaging and always an authentic guarantee in terms of yield, can only be reflected in the famous ones Red Pleasure Shine from Yves Saint Laurent.

We are talking about lipsticks formulated based on precious oils, which give the lips instant brilliance accompanied by medium and buildable coverage. The comfort? Extreme, thanks also to the hyaluronic acid microspheres present in them, which help to maintain natural hydration for about 8 hours.

KIKO MILANO: New Unlimited Stylo

We come to the new ones Unlimited Stylo from Kikohighly appreciated long-lasting creamy lipsticks that promise to enhance lips and smile by covering them with a homogeneous and velvety veil.

The mix of natural and nutritious ingredients contained within them causes the texture is rich and creamy despite the finish half matteand that they melt on him with an intense and immediate color release.

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Who said that moisturizing lipsticks must necessarily be characterized by a finish sheer? I MATT&FIX Matt Lipcolor from Infinity Cosmeticsin fact, they are defined as classic matte liquid lipsticks and no-transferwhose texture ultra-pigmented it gives a strong color. The formula ultra–lasting guarantees a duration of 12 hours (also making them kiss-proof) without drying the lips.

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