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Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? A well-fitting Afro mane looks great. It is arranged in a frizzy and spiral manner. As a result, it shrinks to up to 75 percent of the length. This makes hair transplants for Afro hair very demanding. Read here what an Afro hair transplant is, for whom it is suitable, which methods can be used, and what there is to consider in the aftercare.

Hair transplants at Afro hair – are they possible?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? Even if it is one of the more demanding procedures, hair transplants with Afro hair are possible. They are more difficult to form because the structure of African hair is curly and frizzy. It has a special shape that is very similar to the C.

Afro hair also curls and curves under the skin, so that the follicles are often not visible. It is much more difficult to extract the roots safely. The doctor may need to use transplant tools with a larger diameter so as not to damage the grafts. In addition, it is important to follow the angle of hair growth and the natural direction.

Attention: choose specialists with experience!

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair?
Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? It is important to turn to a specialist who has qualified skills and enough experience with hair transplants on Afro hair to take into account their peculiarities and achieve natural-looking results. They use the latest technologies to achieve the best possible transplantation and extract hair follicles without damage.

The specialists have a feeling for the curvature and make an appropriate incision so that the hair follicles are protected. If there is a lack of experience, the doctor can destroy too many grafts, so they can not be used for self-hair transplantation. If he wastes a large amount of hair, this leads to a wide scar. Another risk is to use of inappropriate and blunt tools that damage the hair.

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Hair transplants at Afro Hair – who are they for?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? As soon as the hair begins to fall out, it will not grow back naturally if the hair follicles have been damaged. Hair loss in men often results from androgenic alopecia. Reasons can be partial baldness or a receding hairline. In women, hair implantation may be necessary due to too tight or tight braids, which always pose a risk of hair loss.

This is traction alopecia, which describes hair loss due to constant pulling or the effects of violence on the hair roots. It is one of the most common causes that require hair transplants. Especially Afro hair is prone to this because sufferers often wear hairstyles that are strictly and tightly braided in dreadlocks or braids.

Hair transplants for Afro hair – which techniques are suitable?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? As a rule, it is best to use the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) if the doctor works with African hair. With this technique, the grafts can be extracted accurately. In FUE hair transplantation, grafts, which are groups of up to four hair follicles, are taken from the back of the head or from the sides and transplanted on the bald or lightening area.

The FUE procedure results in few and barely visible scars. After the procedure, healing is completed after only about 14 days. Full hair restoration takes about a year. After about six months, you will see 70 percent of the result.

Afro hair transplantation – what is there to consider in the aftercare?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? After the own hair transplantation, the aftercare begins, which makes a decisive contribution to how the procedure succeeds or the final result will be. Follow the postoperative instructions of your doctor so that the healing process runs optimally.

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Sleep on a neck pillow for two weeks to protect the donor area. The wounds should not touch it, especially in the first days after it. For hair washing for faster recovery, use the recommended products. Alcohol and cigarettes can also have adverse effects on the hair.

Would you like advice?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair?
Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair?

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? No matter whether it is about hair transplantation or aftercare, the team in the clinic will be happy to advise you individually. You can always get in touch if you have any questions or would like a free hair analysis.

When an expert performs hair transplantation, the benefits are many. After all, it is the only realistic permanent solution for hair loss. Non-surgical treatments and measures, on the other hand, can only temporarily improve the appearance of the hair. So, for example, treatment with medicines shows effect only for the period of taking it.


Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? Hair loss is also common among African people. Traction alopecia often occurs, which leads to hair loss at the hairline due to too tight tying or braiding of the hair into braids. Also, the sides are often affected by hair loss.

A transplant is also possible for Afro hair, but contact an expert who has many years of experience in this area. People of African descent have different hair structures and a different hairlines.

Due to the curly nature of the follicles, hair transplantation is more complicated. The roots can be damaged if appropriate knowledge is lacking or the techniques and tools used are unsuitable. For transplanting curly hair, the FUE technique is well suited.

Is hair transplantation possible with Afro hair? information. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this subject with us. Be sure to do more research and consult your doctor about your health issues. You can search through the Google search engine.

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Who is hair transplantation not suitable for?

Other body hair is not suitable for transplantation, as they are much thicker and make the hair look unnatural. The donor area should not be completely harvested during the procedure so that further grafts are available for possible corrections.

Can Africans get long hair?

A common misconception is that dark-skinned people can not get long hair. The hair just grows slower or not at all. Of course, this is an absolute misconception, because here too it depends on the care of the hair.

When will I no longer see the hair transplant?

Since the new hair must first break through the scalp, not so much happens in the first two months. The final result will be visible after a period of six weeks. The newly obtained hair from the hair transplant can then be seen.

Which hair is taken for hair transplantation?

Basically, beard hair and chest hair can be used for hair transplantation.

How long does a hair transplant last?

The result of a hair transplant lasts a lifetime. The hair that we use for transplantation is not affected by hormone-related hair loss.

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