Is it possible to get pregnant during menopause?

We often ask ourselves whether or not it is possible to get pregnant during menopause. Obviously it cannot happen spontaneously since this is a phase for the woman in which the organism is not able to adequately produce all the hormones necessary for the maturation of the egg and the preparation of the uterus. For this reason it is not possible to get pregnant.

What is menopause

Menopause is a very delicate phase in a woman’s life and begins when she spends 12 consecutive months without natural menstruation. This period occurs most often after age 48, marking the end of the female reproductive period.

Sometimes it happens that there are months of missed menstruation and therefore it is mistakenly thought to be in menopause and from that moment on, if an egg is released at the same time as unprotected sexual intercourse, pregnancy can occur. This period is called premenopause or climacteric and is characterized by hot flashes

When is it best to get pregnant?

As mentioned above, it is not possible to get pregnant naturally because the ovaries reduce the production of progesterone and estrogen, which prevents the maturation of the eggs and the growth of the endometrium. Therefore, in addition to not having an egg that can be fertilized, the endometrium would not grow enough to receive an embryo.

Although this period can be frustrating for those who are trying, and troubled for those who are already going through the postmenopausal period, it is possible to go through this phase in a more peaceful way. Unfortunately at this moment your body is definitely changing and some sensations are definitely more amplified. But if you understand how to manage them, everything becomes easier.

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If you prefer to become pregnant when you are older, you don’t have to worry because there is a solution anyway. The only way pregnancy occurs is during the pre-menopausal period.

During this period it is simpler. Find out how HRT is performed. An aspect that should not be underestimated is that pregnancy must be carefully monitored by the midwife since it is a rather delicate moment for the woman and this can cause damage to the well-being of both the woman, but also the baby on the way as complications., gestational diabetes, eclampsia, miscarriage, premature birth and there is also a greater chance that the baby has some syndrome, such as Down syndrome. So with the right precautions and choosing the right time, everything can be managed in the best possible way.

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