Is monogamy still in fashion?

Looking at other relationships from the outside always exposes us to a banal and very obvious risk, that of judge what we do not know or that in any case we consider very different from us, from our ideas and from the way of life that belongs to us.

And this happens every time we come to terms with those forms of love that move awayfor example, from the bedtime stories that accompanied us as little girls or from that prince charming we have been waiting for throughout our adolescence.

But there are questions, which in all rationality, arise spontaneously: why should we judge love? Who are we to decide if those unspoken rules that underlie a relationship are right or wrong? And why to polygamy shouldn’t it have the same value as monogamy?

Monogamy is no longer at home

It is a strong statement, we know, and also a provocative one, especially because when it comes to love and relationships there is no trend that holds in front of what invites us to make the heart beat.

When we say that the monogamy is no longer at homein fact, we just want to invite people to reflect on the fact that theabsolute exclusivity it is no longer considered the only way to be together. Also because, as history and our own experiences teach us, it doesn’t always work.

It is not a question of losing value, which is certainly more cultural than personal, how much more than a free and subjective choicepersonal and shared, which explores new relational forms.

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All romantic relationships, we know, are different from each other, because we decide the rules of that relationship that we build together with our partner day after day. And it is precisely in this construction that, often, we discovered at our expense how much that ideal of exclusivity was actually based on a lie.

Se i betrayals are on the agenda, as well as one of the leading causes of divorce in the world, is no accident. But this is not to say that monogamy cannot exist. We want to reflect on what this choice is really capable of satisfy one or the other partner.

Sometimes monogamy works, and that’s when we talk about success. But at other times it becomes only a facade, deeply rooted in Western society, which hides the collapse of all the promises of eternal love.


Coming out to express the desire to live in a polyamorous relationship it’s complicated. It is difficult, because we live in a society where monogamy is considered the only acceptable form of true love. But as we have seen, in many cases it is what it is makes you less happy.

Yet more and more people are choosing to live this free and open relationship, where polyamory replaces in all respects the exclusivity that keeps a relationship standing, and which in this case becomes theelement of stability of a couple.

Yes, because there is nothing stronger than one consensual choice that makes both partners free. This freedom can be emotional or sexual, but which is always exercised with respect for the other, with a sincere and always constant dialogue.

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And this, in fact, is a great lesson that we should take to cultivate all the relationships in our life. Relationships that, regardless of monogamy or polyamory, remind us that love is never the possession or deprivation of individual freedom.

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