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It comes directly from Korea and gives the skin a cool and glowing effect

Korean women have created their own skincare “school” in recent years creating trends that are going viral. It all started with their daily skincare routine, which can be described as anything but practical or economical since they used at least 7 products every morning and night. Then they decided to simplify things by proposing a more minimal version with the absolute essentials but among which was the lotion or the essence that until then most people were unaware of.

Several more trends and habits that are not current followed. And we come to today where they reveal yet another skincare trend that I’m sure you’ll love after it gives the skin shine and a feeling of freshness reminiscent of the favorite “jelly”. It’s called “Jell-O” skin and you’ve seen it if you follow one or more Korean influencers or celebrities.

At this point I should reveal to you that the trend was also popularized by TikTok with Korean girls revealing all the details so that you can achieve it yourself at home using the right products. The specific trend in their language it is called “taeng taeng” and has gathered more than 15 million views. The skin looks, in addition to being super shiny, elastic and without a trace of imperfection.

There are quite a few facialists and dermatologists who applaud it since apart from the effect it creates it also has to do with proper care. After all, as time passes, the skin loses collagen, volume and elasticity, and with the right treatments you can restore them. Is enough to use the appropriate formulas that contain in their composition vitamins A, C and E that provide rich hydration, shine and nourishment. The “jello-o” effect is the only way you can achieve it.

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It is the same philosophy of the glass skin trend but also of skin slugging. At the same time and apart from using the right products though to get the perfect and most permanent version of this particular look you have to follow a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise and refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

What you have to do to get the jell-o skin effect

  • Skin care products that boost collagen are the ones that should take first place in your vanity.
  • At the same time, you can also take collagen supplements
  • Your skin must be completely clean and without a trace of makeup or dirt
  • You choose the right day and night moisturizer for your skin type and don’t forget to use the right serum every day
  • Once a week you exfoliate to remove dead cells and help the skin to effectively accept care products
  • You never leave home without your high SPF sunscreen.

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