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It is the trend in skin care for a healthy and radiant appearance

It is certain that you follow a specific care routine that you adapt according to the changing needs of your skin, the seasons and the symptoms that appear from time to time. Minor irritations, dryness, oiliness or fine lines and wrinkles.

At the same time, you try to keep up to date with every trend in skincare as well as new products. And so there are moments when you wonder if you are exaggerating. Are you using a lot of formulas without really needing them? What if it’s not the best for your skin?Maybe it’s the right time to go minimalistic and follow the “less is more” philosophy that is the biggest trend in skincare right now. According to famous facialists and dermatologists, a simple routine is what can give the skin a healthy look and glow.

Cleansing and Hydration

These two steps are enough. And if you’re used to spending a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror every morning and night, the experts are now freeing you. In fact, they suggest that you leave aside the ten products you use every day and focus on the really necessary formulas. Cleanse your skin and moisturize it properly. This is the new skincare moto. Maximalism is a thing of the past, long live minimalism.

It is the trend in skin care for a healthy 1

The new generation is very well aware of skinimalism and there are beauty brands that respect it, as a result of which they create lines with the absolutely necessary products that act in combination, such as serums that provide hydration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles while giving shine.

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What is the less is more code?

Subtraction not addition. This is the basic rule. What does this mean; I’ll explain right away starting with double cleansing which is a thing of the past especially if you’re not the type of woman who uses very heavy foundation formulas and generous doses of powder. It is correct to use a gentle cleansing product that protects the skin barrier and cares deeply.

It is the trend in skin care for a healthy

Hydration is next. It is good to consult a facialist or dermatologist before choosing your moisturizer. They are the only ones who know the type and reaction of your skin and, consequently, which ingredients suit it, providing rejuvenation, nourishment and a natural glow.

Extra Tip: And if you still want to experiment with the products you already have, you can do the three-day test. This means you choose a cleansing formula and a moisturizer and use them for three consecutive days. If you feel that they do not cover you completely, first change the cleanser while keeping the moisturizing product.

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