It’s the trend that wants healthy and shiny hair-Tips to get it

And suddenly this season the hairstylists propose a trend in which the priority is the shine and above all the health of the hair. Only if you take care of and moisturize the hair properly can you adopt it. And if you haven’t figured it out already I am referring to the Glass or Glossy hair look. The hair is shiny as if you have spread an invisible veil of light or like glassreflected in the sun.

One of the first celebrities to follow this trend was Kim Kardashian before she decided to adopt the impressive icy blonde, when her hair was still dark brown with a blinding shine. Her staff is responsible hairstylist Chris Appleton who loves his famous girlfriends very much and makes sure that he always gives them the perfect looks and at the same time they look super shiny and above all healthy. This is his main concern as he has revealed several times in interviews and also in the videos he shares with his fans on his personal Instagram account.

THE Jennifer Lopez is another star who trusts Appleton. In her last appearance, her hair had this particular effect and because I’m sure you want to get it, all you have to do is follow the advice of the experts.

The type of hair

First you should know who it is in order to use the appropriate products. Those that will help the hair if it is dry, for example, to regain its lost shine and healthy appearance, such as oils. If your hair is oily or thin, choose a light serum.

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Shine spray

It is the easiest way to achieve this effect as long as your hair has not undergone many chemical treatments and you have not damaged the ends with frequent use of heat devices. This is a product suitable for normal, undamaged hair.

It all starts with the scalp

If you take care of it right everything will be fine. If you keep the scalp moisturized, your hair grows properly and looks healthy and with a natural shine. At the same time, if you want an even more active solution, you can use vitamin E ampoules that you will spread with your fingers on the scalp, once a week, gently massaging with circular movements.

Proper brushing

Which means you have to immediately get the right brush that doesn’t hurt or break the hair. Don’t forget that if the one you use has nylon bristles, it removes the natural oils during brushing, causing the hair to become dull and dull. In contrast, a brush with natural bristles distributes natural oils evenly across the surface.

You invest in the straightening iron

It is better to get a more expensive device with a titanium coating that protects your hair. It is the only one that no matter how close you get it to the scalp, it does not bother it.

Gloss treatment

In this case you should visit your hairdresser since this is a treatment that only he can apply. It’s the professional way to make your hair shine, especially if it’s dyed and damaged.

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