Keys to making perfect ice at home

Ice is an element that helps a lot when it comes to cooling a drink. This is also very useful when making smoothies, for example. That is why everyone has one or more ice cube trays at home. Also, there are those who bet on ice packs. But, the problem with many of these is that they boil over in a heartbeat. To prevent this from happening to you, in this article you can learn how to make perfect ice at home.

The importance of ice

Perhaps the importance of gall and the role it plays have never crossed your mind. Perhaps it is because you are used to seeing water crystals dissolve, and you forget that the function of ice is to cool the delicious drink you are drinking, instead of watering it down.

Secondly, The ice should also not change the color of the liquid or freeze your hand.

The problem is that, on many occasions, the ice that is sold in food establishments is not of good quality. The size of these is small and they break easily. The same goes for those made in buckets.

The horrible taste that some of these have, can even ruin your drink.

But don’t worry, once you learn how to make perfect ice at home, none of the above assumptions will ever happen to you again.

Before going into the matter to explain how to do them, It’s good that you know how good ice should be.

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How does a good ice have to be?

Translucent! This is the main characteristic of good ice. It must be like a crystal. The white spots or bubbles that some have are not a good sign, since it is air mixed with minerals and salts.

In order to obtain good ice, pure water is necessary, without minerals and without salts, since these substances impair the taste and accelerate its dilution.

It should be noted that pure water can be filtered at home or bottled.

In addition to pure water, it is key that the cooling system is in one direction (directional cooling system), if you want to get totally crystalline ice. Thus, the solids and air molecules are expelled towards one end of the ice.

How to make perfect ice at home like a pro

In order to make perfect ice at home, get yourself pure water, if it is better filtered, and a cooler little. This must have a measure that allows you to leave it inside the freezer.

Pour the water until it fills ¾ parts of the cooler. Next, put it in the freezer without the lid.

After two and a half days, more or less, most of the water will be frozen. Then, you will be able to see that a block of crystal clear ice remains, without bubbles, without stains and translucent. Possible stains and bubbles will have remained in the area below the coolerand it will not have frozen.

If for whatever reason everything was frozen and you see spots or bubbles, mark the outline with a serrated knife. Then, with the help of a large knife and a hammer, cut the stained areas with sharp blows.

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Clean the block of solid ice in a sink and chop it with a mortar and pestle and a knife to obtain the size of ice you want for the glasses and cups.

Be careful when doing this process to avoid accidents.

Hereinafter, you will notice that the ice takes much longer to dissolve.

Important: Everything and that there are people who try to make ice using a tuper or another type of container, this is not indicated. Using these gadgets you cannot ensure that the cold barely enters through the upper area downwards and inside, as it happens with the cooler.

You can learn about stainless steel ice cubes in the following video.

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