Learn the calming massage that works!

Shantala massage is very old, originally from India and increasingly popular in Brazil. It is a type of massage that is applied to the baby with a calming function, but not only that.

Shantala massage also stimulates the baby’s developing awareness of their own body and is a great way to increase the bond between the baby and the person giving the massage.

During the massage, the baby receives tactile, cerebral and motor stimulation, which prevents. Learn how to improve your digestive, respiratory and circulatory health. Learn to do it.

How to do shantala massage to babies

Before starting the massage, put a little massage oil in the palm of your hands, which can be sweet almond or grape seed, and rub it on your hands to warm them slightly and follow these steps:

  • Cara: Face your baby and trace small horizontal lines with your thumbs on the face, massaging the cheeks and making circular movements near the corner of the eyes.
  • Chest: Slide your hands from the center of the baby’s chest to the armpits.
  • Trunk: With a gentle touch, slide your hands from the tummy to the shoulders, forming an X on the baby’s abdomen.
  • Arms: Slide your hands from the center of the baby’s chest to the armpits. Massage one arm at a time.
  • Manos: Rub your thumbs from the palm of the baby’s hand to the little fingers. Gently one by one, trying to keep the movement constant.
  • Belly: Using the sides of your hands, slide your hands over the baby’s abdomen from the bottom of the ribs, through the navel to the genital area.
  • Legs: With one hand in the form of a bracelet, slide your hand from your thigh to your feet, then with both hands, roll back and forth from your groin to your ankle. Do one leg at a time.
  • Pies: Slide your thumbs across the soles of your feet, finishing with a gentle massage of each of your little toes.
  • Back and buttocks: put the baby face down and slide your hands from the back to the buttocks.
  • Stretching: He crosses the baby’s arms over his tummy and then extends his arms, then crosses the baby’s little legs over his abdomen and stretches out his little legs.
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Each movement should be repeated about 3 or 4 times.

Tips for a more effective massage

When giving the massage, always look at the baby’s eyes and talk to him at all times and enjoy every moment.

The massage lasts an average of 10 minutes and can be done every day. The best results are seen when done right after bathing.

As for the amount of oil, use only the amount necessary for your hands to slide. Afterwards, you can remove the excess oil from the baby’s body with a towel or kitchen paper, which should be used by lightly pressing the area without rubbing the skin.

Watch, in the following video, an application of shantala massage in practice to better understand how to do the movements on the baby:

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