Liteboxer Fitness Bundle 2022 NEW

If the word Liteboxer Fitness Bundle doesn’t mean anything to you: it is a boxing machine for the home, which provides more fun during Liteboxer Fitness Bundle training with playful techniques. I had the pleasure of testing a Liteboxer Fitness Bundle, and it’s really fun to train with it. So when I got the chance to test Liteboxer VR, I had high hopes.

Fortunately, Liteboxer Fitness Bundle takes everything that makes training on a real liteboxer and turns it into an effective shadowbox workout. As with the physical Liteboxer device I tested, I love how easy the workouts are for beginners, and I’m obsessed with how much fun the punch tracks are. But more on all this later.

You need a Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as Oculus Quest 2) to use Liteboxer Fitness Bundle auszuprobieren.Es will be launched on March 3 and will cost $18.99 per month after a 7-day free trial period.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

Overall, my experience with Liteboxer Fitness Bundle has been great, and much of what I loved about the Liteboxer physical machine has carried over to Liteboxer VR. I love boxing as a fitness sport; it’s interactive and honestly helps to get healthily rid of all pent-up emotions. In addition, Liteboxer manages to make the training feel more like a game, so I look forward to each session instead of fearing it.

After a single punch track and a 15-minute session with a Liteboxer Fitness Bundle coach, I was completely sweaty, which is both a good and a bad thing. That’s great because it’s a sign that I’m well trained. But it’s terrible because I sweat a lot in the Meta Quest 2 headset.

Anyone who has ever played a VR game knows that you always break a sweat no matter what you play.VR is simply a more active way of playing games, so, logically, you break a sweat doing it. With Liteboxer Fitness Bundle you will sweat at least twice as much.

When I took off the headset after the end of the session, I had a mask of beads of sweat around my eyes and nose. In addition, drops of sweat have occasionally leaked from the headset during exercise. As I said, with VR you have to expect that you will break a sweat, but you have to keep in mind that you can’t just wipe the sweat off your face without stopping the punch track or the video.

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However, I have a pillow insert and no silicone insert. If you use any kind of VR training in your regular fitness routine, you should invest in a silicone insert. For previous Oculus owners, Facebook (now Meta) offers a free version. If you are buying a Meta Quest 2 for the first time, now it comes with a silicone insert. A silicone insert helps immensely with the problem of trapped sweat, and I would recommend using one if you are trying out Liteboxer Fitness Bundle.

Let’s talk about what you see when the headset is turned on ist.Es looks like you are standing in a virtual boxing ring, and the pickguard is in front of you in the perfect punch strength for you.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle
Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

On the left side, you will then see the video of your coach or the impact track with a time indication at the bottom that shows you how much time you have left. I could always check what the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle coach was doing to make sure I was doing everything right.

All my punches were (almost) perfectly registered. The only strokes where I had trouble hitting them 100% were the uppercuts (strokes 5 and 6 on the pickguard). I’m not sure why, but I’ve been trying to consistently hit a few different types and with each type, registered some hits and some not.

Considering that this was the only bug I came across, and Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is launching on March 3rd, I would say that the app is in excellent condition at the moment.

Liteboxer VR compared to the physical Liteboxer

Since they don’t hit on anything, there is no resistance. So your experience with Liteboxer Fitness Bundle will probably not be as impressive as a session on a physical Liteboxer Fitness Bundle. Still, shadow boxing will strengthen your muscles and help you get your daily dose of exercise.

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In addition, you lose this “authentic” experience, so to speak, if you are not able to beat something real in front of you. When training on the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle device, you can also wipe off the sweat that accumulates on your face, while with the Liteboxer VR on the Meta Quest 2 you can’t do that easily. If you have a silicone insert, there will still be sweat, but it will certainly be minimized.

Of course, if you have limited space at home, Liteboxer Fitness Bundle will take up much less space than a Liteboxer machine. The physical liteboxer is about 1.5 by 1.5 meters, but for the Liteboxer VR you probably only need a square of 1.5 by 1.5 meters.

The last point that distinguishes Liteboxer Fitness Bundle and the Liteboxer machine from each other is the price. For the starter package from Liteboxer, you will have to spend $1695 for the device alone. A monthly subscription for $29.99 is not required, but it unlocks a lot of premium content. Liteboxer VR will cost you only $18,99 per month, but of course, you will also have to buy the Meta Quest 2 (the 128 GB model costs $299,99, and the 256 GB model costs $399,99).

Even if you get VR motion sickness, try Liteboxer VR

If you have ever tried a VR game or VR experience and motion sickness set in, you may be skeptical about Liteboxer Fitness Bundle. But I can assure you that with Liteboxer VR you are standing in one place and nothing is moving around you, so everything should be fine.

Of course, I can not say for sure that you will not suffer from motion sickness, because every person is different. I can’t play certain VR games because I feel nauseous when I move, but I had no problems with Liteboxer Fitness Bundle.

When you train, you stand in one place, in your fighter position, throw punches and watch the coach and the pickguard in front of you. Occasionally, you will do a few exercises on the boxing board, such as squats, but this is the only time you move your feet.

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Liteboxer Fitness Bundle
Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

Conclusion: If you already own a Meta Quest 2, you should try it

If you don’t already own a Meta Quest 2, I certainly wouldn’t buy it just for this app, unless you are thinking about buying a Liteboxer Fitness Bundle device and are considering this as an alternative. If you compare the two, I would recommend the combination of the VR headset and Liteboxer VR, because there are a lot of other VR games that you can play, and because you can save money and space in your apartment. In addition, you can take the VR headset with you on vacation, but not the Liteboxer machine.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle, if you are a cool kid and you already have a Meta Quest 2, you should ausprobieren. So the training is fun, and since there are punch tracks to match the songs, you only have to commit to a small three- to four-minute workout, if that’s all you can muster. And once I’ve worked up a sweat, I’m usually much more motivated to continue with another song or sometimes even with a little coached workout.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle 2022 NEW

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