Lose 4 kg in a month and protect against colds

The month we are going through is quite transitional. The weather changes, the temperatures “fall” and rise again, as a result of which you do not know what to wear and how to dress properly. Somehow, you get sick and the cold bothers you. Do not get nervous! H, Dietician – Nutritionist, Katerina Gerantoni, has prepared a nutritional plan for you to lose weight and strengthen your immunity. The reason for the special…

In every seasonal change, the human body experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism and even in dietary preferences. A natural consequence of the seasonal change is, of course, frequent infections and colds due to the “fallen defense” of the body.

Key factors affecting the body’s defenses

  • overweight,
  • smoking,
  • the lack of sleep,
  • sedentary life,
  • avoiding the sun (lack of vitamin D),
  • the nutrition

The immune system is the complex network of an organism that is responsible for defending against harmful agents such as viruses, bacteria and dangerous chemicals.

A balanced diet is the basis for good health, but also for a strong immune system. We can very easily and quickly with them juicers to make delicious and healthy juices using some of the following fruits and vegetables with antioxidant ingredients that help boost immunity:

  • THE Vitamin C found in red and green peppers, kiwi, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries, lemon, orange and tomato juice.
  • THE Vitamin A found in carrots, sweet potato, tomato, lettuce, spinach and broccoli.
  • THE Vitamin E found in olive oil, nuts and dark leafy vegetables.

Other common foods with distinct immune-boosting properties are:

  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Milk, yogurt, kefir and general fermented dairy products due to probioticsthat include
  • Herbs (green tea, sage, mountain tea, echinacea, licorice, ginger, propolis, spirulina)
  • Pumpkin seed and walnuts as they contain zinc
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Tips for prevention!

  1. Try different combinations of your favorite fruits and vegetables and make tasty and healthy juices with the juicer.
  2. Boost your daily nutrient intake by drinking a high-fiber juice.
  3. Eat foods rich in nutrients(vegetables, lean protein). Limit sugar and foods that are high in fat, and drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. hydrated.
  4. Put it in your everyday life physical exercise. At least 30′ walk. It plays a very important role during the exercise to do breathing because it will strengthen the immune system. To be full of energy during exercise you can prepare your favorite smoothie with the blender and take it with you in the easy-to-carry cup.
  5. THE duration, but also the quality of sleep can affect the immune system. So rest is important!
  6. Food supplements. They are supplies that enhance the action of other foods during flu season.
  7. Fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are low in fat and calories and combined with the fiber and water content they contain, they are essential foods for maintaining a normal weight and a healthy digestive system, as they create a feeling of fullness. It is best to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, as each one has different nutrients. Also try delicious and nutritious juices from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Use green leafy vegetables such as celery, spinach or arugula or hard vegetables such as carrot, cucumber and fresh fruit such as apple, orange, pear, grape etc. Create the most imaginative and delicious juices for the whole family easily and quickly.
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So there is a solution even at the last minute to boost your immunity and within a few minutes feel healthy again, strong and full of vitality to return to your activities.

Lose 4 kg in a month and protect against colds
BREAKFAST: 1 glass of milk 1.5% & 4 tbsp. Cereal flakes with whole wheat and oats, 1 kg. sunflower seed, instant coffee

INTERMEDIATE: 1 banana & 3 walnuts

NOON: 1 portion of grilled salmon, spinach-quinoa- cherry salad, avocado

AFTERNOON: 1 yogurt with cinnamon & 1 apple

NIGHT: Pumpkin soup & Cretan graviera light
BREAKFAST: 1 tbsp. whole wheat tahini with honey & 2 carob nuts & 1 glass of grapefruit juice, instant coffee

INTERMEDIATE: 1 yogurt with cinnamon & 1 banana

NOON: 1 portion of pea stew & 1 portion of cheese & 6 olives

AFTERNOON: 50g Black chocolate & 1 fl. Kozani yolk drink

NIGHT: Tuna in oil or water & spinach-cucumber-dill-cherry tomatoes & avocado salad
BREAKFAST: 1 glass of milk 1.5% & 4 tbsp. Cereal flakes with whole wheat and oats, 1 kg. sunflower seed, instant coffee

DECISION: 1 banana & 10 unsalted almonds & 1 fl. Kozani yolk drink

NOON: Chicken soup with vegetables and potato

AFTERNOON: 1 yogurt with cinnamon & 2 digestive biscuits without sugar

NIGHT: 1 toast with wholemeal bread, olive paste & cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrot, parsley & 1 fl. Kozani yolk drink
BREAKFAST: 2 carob nuts & 1 tsp. honey & whole grain tahini & 1 glass of 1.5% milk, instant coffee

DECISION: 1 pear & 3 walnuts

NOON: 1 portion of spinach rice & 1 portion of cheese & 4 olives

AFTERNOON: 1 yogurt with cinnamon & 1 pear

NIGHT: Mushroom soup & Cretan graviera light
BREAKFAST: 1 glass of milk 1.5% & 4 tbsp. whole grain cereal flakes with wheat & oats, 1 kg. sunflower seed, instant coffee

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INTERMEDIATE: 3 walnuts & 1 handful of raisins

NOON: 1 portion of Yuvarlakia soup & cabbage-carrot salad & 4 olives

AFTERNOON: Grapefruit juice & 2 rye cream crackers & light Cretan graviera

NIGHT: 1 poached egg & avocado & spinach-cherry-cherry-carrot salad
BREAKFAST: Milk & 2 carob nuts & 1 tsp. peanut butter, instant coffee

DECISION: 1 banana & 10 unsalted almonds & 1 fl. cosani yolk drink

NOON: Whole wheat penne with arugula, avocado, cottage cheese

AFTERNOON: 1 yogurt 2% & 11 pear

NIGHT: Omelet (2 eggs, cheese) & grilled vegetables (peppers, mushrooms)
BREAKFAST: 1 glass of grapefruit juice & 1 toast with bread enriched with vitamins and minerals & cheese, Instant coffee

INTERMEDIATE: smoothie with almond drink, banana, cinnamon, 6-8 unsalted almonds

NOON: 1 portion Roast chicken & quinoa salad, spinach, avocado

AFTERNOON: 1 whole wheat and oat cereal bar & 1 cup of cosani yolk drink

NIGHT: Mushroom soup & light Cretan graviera

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