Many ideas for your tree

There are those who decorate theChristmas tree even before the beginning of December and those who prefer to wait for the day of the Immaculate Conception or that of Saint Lucia. Be that as it may, once the decorations and turned on the fairy lightsthe atmosphere in the house changes and the holidays officially begin.

The fir trees they are outdoor plants, so they suffer if kept indoors for a long time. For a result that is always effective and sustainable it is better to opt for a artificial tree of excellent quality, which can be used year after year without losing its shine. In this field Moranduzzo has the right solution for all tastes and needs. The Italian brand was born in 1946 in Florence from an idea of ​​Dario Moranduzzo and has a long tradition linked to the production and sale of Christmas decorations. Over the years, the offer has expanded following the trends of the moment without renouncing tradition and now offers ideas for every taste: not only Christmas trees of various sizes and styles, but also lights, decorations ready-made or to be created with do-it-yourself and many other original creations to light up the unmistakable magic of the holidays in any home.

many ideas for your tree 1

Decorate the Christmas tree with a personal touch

In fact there is no single Christmas tree suitable for everyone: everyone has their preferences. Some seek a realistic lookwith more or less thick branches and various shades of green, while others adore the effect of a light snowfall or built-in lights between the needles. Much, then, depends on the area in which you intend to place it: a two or three meter fir certainly makes a splendid figure in a large living room, instead alberi slimwith a smaller diameter, or those table they are perfect if you have little space available.

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The real personal touch, however, are the decorations. He knows it well Moranduzzo, which for this reason offers a very wide range of possibilities. Red balls, golden pine cones, silver stars and little nutcrackers are the ideal options for the lovers of tradition. But who wants a touch more original you will be spoiled for choice between pink, white or glittery pendants, velvet bows and decorations in the shape of sledges, leaves, graceful dancers or even animals of the savannah.

To pass the wait, you can place the next to the tree Advent Calendar and fill your pockets with surprises for young and old: it will be a pleasure to find out what the gift of the day is and make the month of December even more special.

many ideas for your tree

Ideas for decorating the house at Christmas: to each his own style

Beyond the classic Christmas treethe joyful magic of the holidays bursts into the house also thanks to the many and different decorations that can be placed in any room. One can be hung on the entrance door decorative wreath. The stickers and the window stickers theme give a suggestive touch to the windows of the kitchen or bedroom. Lights, festoons and chains, on the other hand, embellish furniture and bookcases.

Full Christmas spirit of sharing, you can also choose to spend a few hours with family or friends, making them with your own hands home decoration. The Italian brand has also thought about this eventuality, providing in the online store a section entirely dedicated to DIY Christmas: Here you can find all the elements – from artificial snow to holly leaves – to create totally customized decorations.

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many ideas for your tree

All that remains is to be inspired by the party atmosphere. All the ideas proposed are available in the Moranduzzo online store: just choose your favorite Christmas tree and decorations to receive them comfortably at home and start decorating them perfectly.

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