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Natural treatment and remedies for bags under the eyes

Regardless of age, eye bags are one of the most common beauty problems we all face. For some of us it is something temporary due to external factors, but also to our daily unhealthy habits. But there are also women who suffer from this annoying swelling on a more permanent level.

Many times bags under the eyes are accompanied by dark circles, but this is not the rule. This is the swelling that is created in this sensitive part of the face, where the skin is thinner, when there is an accumulation of fluids, fat, etc.

This condition can make the look look tired and aged. But if treated, it can restore the face to its youthful appearance and the glow that makes us look beautiful and impressive.

Most of the time, bags under the eyes are an aesthetic problem that can be improved, but there are also cases where they hide a health problem. So, apart from natural treatment, there are also many treatments that may limit this problem more immediately.

Causes that cause eye bags

The most common factor that causes bags under the eyes is aging. As the years pass, the muscles and tissues in this area atrophy, lose their elasticity and the collagen in the area decreases.

Many times the bags created there are filled with fat or fluids, presenting a local swelling – swelling.

But apart from old age, there are some other causes that cause bags under the eyes:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Excessive salt consumption
  • Fluid retention
  • Sleeping with makeup
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cry
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Not using sunscreen
  • Allergies
  • Thyroid
  • Ophthalmic problems
  • Heredity
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Ways to deal naturally

In order to treat eye bags naturally you should change some bad daily habits or try making your own homemade eye masks / creams that will help reduce puffiness.

In both cases, you should of course be patient until you see results. That’s why it would be good to try each natural treatment for at least 4-6 weeks and if you don’t see results, then move on to something else.

Simple daily habits to reduce the problem

Water consumption: In addition to hydration, it helps eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention that causes swelling.

More sleep: By reducing fatigue, bags under the eyes are reduced. So make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a day, on your back with your head slightly elevated. Thus, you help reduce swelling even more.

Salt restriction: Salty foods cause fluid retention, one of the major causes of eye bags.

Alcohol reduction: The drink is responsible for the dehydration of the body, but also for fluid retention. By avoiding it you can limit the problem.

No smoking: This habit affects the body’s vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen. Therefore, reducing C leads your skin to premature aging.

Eye massage: By applying gentle dabbing massage movements from the nose to the outer corner of the eyes and circularly to the upper eyelid, you help improve circulation, reducing puffiness and eye bags. If you want, use a jade roller as well.

Appropriate cosmetics: Buy the ideal eye cream for bags and introduce it into your daily routine. Prefer something with moisturizing, anti-aging and antioxidant factors, such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, vitamin C. And of course, don’t forget the sunscreen. By preventing photoaging and dehydration, the problem is limited.

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Store the eye cream in the refrigerator for best results.

Excercise: In this way you not only exercise, but keep your body healthy and beautiful without retention and eye bags. Just be careful to avoid exercises that might cause wrinkles.

Makeup remover: It is very important at the end of the day to remove the make-up, giving your skin the opportunity to rejuvenate. Products left on the skin may irritate the eyes and cause infections. See the best face and eye makeup remover for every skin type.

Natural eye masks to eliminate bags

In addition to ready-made eye masks for bags and patches, you can take advantage of nature’s rich beneficial materials and make homemade masks with equally beneficial effects that do not contain chemical additives.

Cold compresses: Use a clean towel and wet it with cold water or milk (which contains vitamin A). Place it on your eyes while you sit and relax. Let it stand for 10 minutes, pressing lightly on the area under the eyes. Its coolness will reduce inflammation and swelling, eliminating bags under the eyes.

Ice cubes: Along with the cool towel, an ice pack can also help. The method is the same as above.

Tea bags: Make a hot drink with green or black tea and use the sachets after they have cooled for 10 minutes in the fridge to reduce swelling. Place them on your eyes and leave them for 15 minutes. The caffeine they contain has antioxidants, which reduce bags by removing fluids that have accumulated in the area.

Cucumber: Two thin slices of cool cucumber can work in exactly the same way as cold compresses. They reduce puffiness and eliminate bags under the eyes, as it is rich in vitamin C and folic acid, which boost cell growth.

Potato: It is known that an eye mask with potato slices can help the bags disappear. The reason is that they contain a large amount of vitamin C and help increase collagen production. Just put them in the fridge for a while and then place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can take their juice and make cold compresses with it.

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Tablespoon: Place 2 spoons in the freezer for a while and then place them as they are cool on your eye bags. This is an alternative compress proposal that reduces swelling.

Aesthetic treatments for eye bags

If the natural methods of treatment, as well as commercial cosmetic products, do not have any effect in reducing the bags under the eyes, there are some cosmetic procedures that can immediately give you the young and fresh look you are looking for.

In cases where the problem is not extensive, it is usually treated with hyaluronic acid injections. However, if the bags are more pronounced, more drastic solutions such as blepharoplasty are required.

Hyaluronic against eye bags

This method is bloodless and is done with the use of injectable injections of hyaluronic acid. This material fills the area under the eyes, reducing sagging and wrinkles. At the same time, the skin is rejuvenated, deeply hydrated and the cell renewal process is enhanced.

Find out more about hyaluronic acid on the lips and face, as well as the prices of the procedure or possible side effects.

Blepharoplasty under the eyes

Unlike hyaluronic acid, blepharoplasty is a more invasive method and covers the most serious cases. It is performed by specialist Ophthalmologist – Ophthalmologist surgeons with local anesthesia, making incisions that remove the extra skin and fat that accumulates in the area in question.

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