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Nosebleeds 5 Causes and 7 Ways To Treat

Nosebleeds are very annoying and unsightly. Stop wasting a lot of time covering them up with make-up so they can’t be seen. So see the causes of the pimples on the nose (the so-called black spots) as well as ways to deal with them.

5 Reasons why you have pimples on your nose

1. The pores of the skin are clogged

Many times the pores of the skin can be clogged by some unnecessary substances and the body cannot remove the oiliness. As a result, black spots (pimples on the nose) are created. This happens because the skin does not get oxygen and the pores of the skin close.

2. Pollutants that come into contact with the skin

The atmosphere, especially in big cities, is particularly charged with pollutants. Cars, industrial waste and dust are particles that stick to the surface of the skin and in many cases have harmful effects. One of them is black spots.

Blackheads and pimples are a reaction of the body to pollutants that come into contact with the skin. Some women seem to be more vulnerable to this problem. That’s why you need to be more careful.

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3. Make-up residue

There may be remnants of your makeup. If you don’t remove the make-up, the annoying pimples will form again. When you don’t remove your face make-up, the pores of the skin close and they don’t get oxygen, resulting in pimples on the face. When you clean, no trace of makeup should be left on your face.

4. Irritations from product chemicals

You may have an allergy or irritation to some products you use. These can be laundry detergents, hair products and face products. Maybe some products are bothering you and your face is irritated, resulting in spots and pimples. Also, your skin may be very sensitive or you may have allergies to chemicals contained in some of the products you use.

5. Organic causes

Many times when you are on your period (period) you start to get pimples. It can also be due to heredity. In other words, you have inherited the annoying pimples because you also inherited the corresponding genes. Another organic cause is pregnancy, because hormones change, you will have many changes in your body and face.

7 Ways to treat pimples in the nose

1. Prevention is the best way

Put facial care in your daily routine. Clean your face very well with make-up remover water or facial cleansing emulsion. Then wear your moisturizer and sunscreen if you go out in the sun to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Choose the right sun protection index according to your skin type.

Always remove face makeup. Do not leave make-up residue on your face because the result will be annoying pimples (blackheads). If you do all the things we mentioned above, nosebleeds will be a thing of the past for you. You will have a beautiful face that will shine without pimples and black spots.

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2. Steam treatment

Boil a pot of water, then put a towel over your head to keep the steam from escaping. Keep a distance from the steam so that there is also safety. Sit for 5 to 10 minutes over the pot for the steam to do its job. You can also add different essential oils to the water depending on your skin type.

Such as chamomile, lavender, etc. Once the 5 minutes are up, take a clean towel and pat your face dry. The excess oils will go away and the nipples will be very easy to clean this way.

3. Application of special ointment

You can go to your pharmacist to see what type of skin you have to give you a special ointment for blackheads. He will also give you the appropriate instructions for applying the ointment. On the market there are such types of ointments for nipples that are also effective most of the time.

4. Face scrub

Once or twice a month do a face scrub to exfoliate the skin. Various types of scrubs are available on the market. You will choose the appropriate scrub depending on the type of skin you have (oily, dry, sensitive).

You apply the scrub to the face by massaging and then rinse with water and wipe your face well with a clean towel. Then you will have a feeling of freshness on your face and cleanliness. And of course, goodbye to blackheads and pimples.

5. Change the product company you use

Maybe some products you use in your daily life annoy you and you should change them to other brands. These can be face cream, facial cleansers, laundry detergents, the products you use on your hair.

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So it’s good to try other companies to see what bothers you (in terms of the products you use).

6. Visit to a beautician

Once a year it is good to visit a beautician for deep facial cleansing. The beautician has the appropriate equipment and the procedure will be done quickly depending on what the problem is.

Also, the only thing certain is that you will enjoy it. And of course your face will be clean and glowing afterwards. Deep cleansing is best for blackheads on the nose.

7. Visit a dermatologist

If all the above doesn’t help you, it’s a good idea to visit a dermatologist. The dermatologist will see you and give you the appropriate treatment for your face and for the pimples on your nose. The only thing that is certain is that he will help you with the appropriate treatment he will give you.

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