Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports 2022 NEW

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, Playing sports on a full stomach is unpleasant. But is it also unhealthy? What good nutrition looks like for athletes?

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, The jogging round today is exceptionally tough, and the fitness training is really arduous – why is that? Sometimes the answer is: that the food is still heavy in the stomach.

Sports scientist Professor Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University Cologne explains how this can be avoided.

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports

Is it unhealthy to exercise on a full stomach?

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, Of course, food intake always presupposes that many biochemical processes take place inside the body. That is, the digestive process begins immediately and very often takes precedence. He then enters into competition with physical activity – both contradict each other.

This means that the digestive process cannot be continued and completed if I exercise intensively. As a result, the performance is very severely impaired. And if I then want to continue to perform my normal performance, I have to make this possible disproportionately through effort.

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, A full stomach is not good for sports, but unhealthy in the classical sense it is not. Sometimes I overexert myself and anyone who does not have a reasonable sense of body perception is overloaded with it. There is then significantly less blood available – which is located in the gastrointestinal tract.

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In your opinion, how much time should there be between the last meal and training?

If I take a proper meal, it is usually the case that I should take a break for about two to three hours before exercising. In most dishes, the digestive processes are completed in time.

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, Some very greasy meals such as whole pizza and also raw food takes much longer – namely four to five hours. I need a little longer break.

In endurance sports in particular, it is much more serious whether I have taken a break beforehand or not. The load is ultimately much more intense due to the full body load. In strength sports, however, you could tolerate taking a shorter break.

What is your tip for a long office day to be fit for sports after work?

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports
Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports

Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, The ideal is a relatively quickly digested meal. For endurance athletes, a portion of pasta with as little fatty enriched sauce as possible is recommended. This gives the body sufficient energy. In any case, but not raw food.

For strength athletes, I would resort to high-energy food such as a small piece of fish or meat in order to have sufficient proteins available.

Pre-cooked legumes such as lentils or beans are also suitable, which do not burden the digestion too much. Even better would be tofu or soy products, which are much less burdensome.

If you want to do sports after a day at the office, you should keep in mind: that basically, long sitting is a sedentary time for the organism. (…)

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Nutrition: Balancing Meals And Sports, So it would be ideal if I had a colorful, regional, seasonal food rich in vital substances enriched with some carbohydrates at lunchtime. A vegetable lasagna, for example. Not too much and not too little to recharge your batteries for the afternoon. After sports, a small portion of tofu, soy or even an omelet is enough.

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