People who cry often are not cowards

No matter what country you were born in, no matter where you grew up, no matter your style or color, no matter what you stand for as a person, above all you are human. And what does man mean? It means emotion! It means being able to show what you feel, what you are with one look!

But we changed the world, and brought it away from us. We began to see our feelings and needs as weakness. “Those who cry are cowards”many say. I would say they are lucky. “If you live right, then you don’t need to cry”many say. To live properly, you must cry, I will say.

Some still out there believe the same as me and made sure to build one list which proves to us how people who cry are mentally stronger. I’m going to put this list together and give it to you straight away:

#1 They are healthier

Crying, in addition to its therapeutic properties of lowering cholesterol levels and reducing a chemical substance that causes anxiety, makes sure to relieve our heart and mind from the stress of everyday life.

#2 They are happier

Research showed that 88.8% of people said it improves their mood. No matter how impressive it sounds, your crying brings out a multitude of emotions that ultimately drives away your sadness.

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#3 They are braver

Yes, don’t laugh! You have to be very brave to allow your feelings to be exposed in front of others. Those who cry risk opening their hearts and being judged, misunderstood or even belittled. Usually, we are not so willing to show how vulnerable we are.

#4 They are better communicators

They are people who offer the honest and meaningful picture of their heart. How is it possible that she is not good at communicating with other people? They feel and understand them, without even speaking.

#5 They create better relationships

In fact, by showing something from within they make deeper relationships. Their relationships are built on emotion and trust. How could it not succeed?

#6 He is more honest

I don’t think I have much to explain here! They are authentic. They admit to themselves what they feel and let it wash over them. They live in a reality of their own and lead a more honest life.

#7 They understand themselves better

People who can and do express themselves so much have strong self-awareness. They try harder with themselves and learn faster about themselves and their needs.

#8 They experience life more

They taste, I would say better, the power of their life! It is necessary to experience both joy and pain in order to say that we are truly living. It is these feelings that add bright colors to our lives!

For all these reasons, then, let your heart and your eyes be free, they seem to know better than you sometimes. Start to trust more all those who have so “timidly” entered your life with their tears. They can teach you how to be strong.

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